16. 07. 2018 - Avtor Nirvana Fitness
Last May was help the national summit of NirvanaFitness® in Italy. Organized by our National Coordinator Dr. Nicoletta Guidarini and hosted by Dr. Mariangela Giannuso in Sicily, this event was a true success for the Italian team.
21. 12. 2017 - Avtor Nirvana Fitness
We’re thrilled to announce that our first Nirvana Asia summit was an incredible success! Organized by our Asian Nex, Meera Nair, the summit saw a total of 19 Nirvana Education Specialists, Education organizers and Instructors attending from across Asia. 
16. 11. 2017 - Avtor Nirvana Fitness
We are happy to announce another successful Breathing Awareness Tour organized by our NES from Malaysia, Theresa Lawrence and her NINs.
The tour, that gathered as much as 19 NINs and 324 participants from all over Malaysia, took place from 19th to 30th of October 2017.