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with Riza

Mission statement

Learn about a worldwide Nirvana Instructor Network, fast spreading community stretching well over 40 countries and recognized by all
main authorities in fitness & wellness.
Science behind

Nirvana focuses on the Body and Mind. With flow in movement, breathing and music you enter the state of Nirvana, the Flow state at the same time assuring proper oxygenation.
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Start your own - super addictive endorphin driven group fitness class that will
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Certified NirvanaFitness Instructor


I enjoy inspiring others to realize and improve
their wellness. I prepare and guide them
through a sensible training program by
motivating them to commit to their long term health and fitness goals thru the Nirvana experience.

Mind & Body Detox

Visit My Nirvana Classes

Every Wednesday, 30.11.2022, 20.00 - 21.00

The Right Fit Studio 32 Jalan Kelulut (809049), Singapore
Please drop me a tinkle at 96898101 for class fees option.

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