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Nirvana focuses on the Body and Mind. With flow in movement, breathing and music you enter the state of Nirvana, the Flow state at the same time assuring proper oxygenation.
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Silvia Ross

Silvia Ross, MS, RDN, CDN, CPT, CLT, CHC – Follows Integrative Functional Nutrition – HOLISTIC APPROACH/ NIRVANA & ZUMBA INSTRUCTOR
President of LULAC Nutrition & Wellness INC Founder and CEO of SRoss Nutrition PLLC
She is the Founder and CEO of SRoss Nutrition PLLC as a public speaker, activist, and consulting and owner of her private practice. She is working toward her Integrative Functional
Medicine Nutrition board exam. She also is certified from the department of health and LEAP dietitian certification.
She has an extensive experience in diverse entities including Healthcare as an inpatient and outpatient Clinical Dietitian, worked in the community setting, outreach programs, non-profit organization, food service industry, hospitality business, marketing, cooperate events, and media. She has expertise in chronic diseases including CVDs, Renal Diseases, Cirrhosis, Cancer, DM, and in general nutrition for children, young adult, and elderly population, as well as Prevention Strategies for all ages Malnutrition and Obesity. She had worked with patients at the Behavioral Health setting.
Mrs. Ross is excited and motivated individual who was part of WRDA as a Co-President-Elect and currently held a position as President/founder of the LULAC Nutrition & Wellness INC Chapter Council. She shares her work experience, passion for Nutrition education, and wellness.
About she, please refer to her Website www.srossnutritionpllc.com

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