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    Did you know...

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    the following

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    chronic stress, anxiety,
    burnout, depression

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    obesity, insomnia,
    asthma, COPD

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     & over 150 other
    chronic conditions ...

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    have all one common
    root cause

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    cell oxygenation!

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    Breathing Fitness

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    boosts oxygenation
    of every cell!

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    Feel the Nirvana

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    Super efficient detox
    of the body & mind

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    Just breathe.

Breathing fitness ... a major shift in health paradigm!
Based on years of research ... NirvanaFitness® system includes a number of most efficient elements
that combine into a perfect workout, while focusing on the most important factor of your overall health ...

boosted cell oxygenation.

Mission statement
Learn about a worldwide Nirvana Instructor Network, fast spreading community stretching well over 40 countries and recognized by all
main authorities in fitness & wellness.
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Why Breathing Fitness?
Poor oxygenation is connected to most modern chronic conditions.
Treat anxiety, burn out, insomnia, obesity, even cancer ... with one simple act: breathe right.
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Become a Nirvana instructor
Start your own - super addictive endorphin driven group fitness class that will
leave your clients wanting more!
Become a NirvanaFitness® Instructor!
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Did you know?

Poor oxygenation is connected to most modern chronic conditions.
NirvanaFitness® solves all of these problems at its root!

Medical science revealed an alarming fact 80% of the population is breathing wrong!

Quick shallow breathing (hidden hyperventilation) results in oxygen starvation, which leads to obesity, reduced vitality, premature aging, poor immune system, chronic diseases, asthma, COPD ...


"Deprive a cell 35% of its oxygen for 48 hours and it will become
dysfunctional." Nobel Prize Winner for cell physiology, Dr. Warburg

Super efficient Body & Mind Detox


A super effective flow of
pilates & yoga exercises
to tone up, stretch &
detox your whole body.


Rhythmic mindful
breathing to soothing
soundscape & Nirvana
Thetawave technology.



NirvanaFitness® aids in removing causes of almost all modern chronic diseases. Experience the power of optimal cell oxygenation!


Achieve a state of blissful calm through conscious breathing & Nirvana ThetaWave sound technology.

An efficient loss of excessive weight (boosted fat metabolism), while tackling the problem of weightloss at its core (overeating - appetite control). By lowering cortisol levels Nirvana helps you lose & control your weight.

Nirvana will substantially increase your focus & present moment presence while enabling you to perform better mentally and physically at all levels. Get in the zone!

Functional and flowing pilates/yoga, strength/stretch exercise sequences with special focus on muscles of the core.

By relieving you from vicious cycle of permanent stress, NirvanaFitness® is buying you a time to mentally and physically recharge.

Nirvana is not just a workout ... it's a lifestyle

understanding that proper breathing does not end with a workout
but extends to every aspect of your life.

Don't take breathing for granted!

Appreciate every breath

Join us on a mission ... together we will make the world breathe again.

Just breathe.

Testimonials & reviews

Instructor Certification Courses

  • "Woohoo...we are NIN! Nirvana Fitness Instructor Certification conducted by NES Meera Nair, thank you so much for ur generous sharing of this beautiful program. This's one of the few that I truly love."
    Meishan Lin
  • "I had always love doing yoga and pilates. Glad I come across this program that suit my needs. This program teaches me the importance of correct breathing, a mind and body detox and give me a toned and flexible body through a series of yoga and pilates movements."
    Jenny Loo
  • "I registered for the Nirvana Instructor training with an open mind and as soon as I joined my first master class, I was hooked. MOVEMENT and BREATH the NirvanaFitness® way was the missing link towards my goal of total wellness. Experience how our classes can enhance your LIFE."
    NES Lita Quisumbing
  • "NirvanaFitness® makes it simple for instructors to lead this mind and body class by providing music which helps them instruct the breathing patterns easily and accurately …"
    Shuhaidah MdNoor
  • "Being fit physically is just not enough. Emotional, mental and spiritual connection too plays an important role. NirvanaFitness® is one of the very few programs that includes all the 4 elements. Looking forward to seeing you at one of my Class or Instructor Course."
    NEX Meera Nair
  • "For me, NirvanaFitness® class helps me to calm down mentally, slow down my thinking, slow down my breathing and really reach a state of happiness peace and calm that I never thought possible before."
    Catherine Rose-Yates
  • "NirvanaFitness® gets students to focus on the length of the breath which improves the quality of the breath and the amount of oxygen that we get in our bodies. If you feel like yoga is not for you, 
    NirvanaFitness® might be what you need!"
    Bea Tabuñar
  • "Did it! Not many programs interest me but NirvanaFitness® is not just interesting, 
    it's inspiring and takes one to a whole new level! Got to do it to experience it!"
    Lavania Lav


Nirvana Instructor Network for Worldwide Breathing Awareness

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