Setting the perfect atmosphere is crucial to bring one’s mind in a totally relaxed state of mind and centrepieces are the cherry on the cake in NirvanaFitness®. They should be beautiful and meaningful, a tribute one makes to Nirvana, a reflection of fascination and appreciation, two aspects so important for the Nirvana style of life.

As an athlete you know how important it is to leave no stone unturned in your quest for sporting glory. In the competitive environment, gaining an edge on your competition is paramount to your success.

Nirvana® Breathing Fitness can help you smash your goals, and beat out the competition.

Did you know that the average student takes breathes in and out 23,000 in a single day? We hear you. You’re asking "That’s interesting but what’s the relevance of such a statistic?”

It’s important because of the powerful link between breathing, learning, memory and academic performance.

Unfortunately for the majority of students, the breaths they are taking are short, shallow and only recruiting the muscles of the upper chest.

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