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Start with your own - Super addictive endorphin driven group fitness class franchise that will leave your clients wanting more!

What do you Get?

  • NirvanaFitness® Instructor Certificate
    Get certified for life ... teach anywhere in the world.
  • License to teach (only 99 EUR yearly)
    Brand license subscription and a license to use marketing tools and brand name of NirvanaFitness®.
    Both obtained on the date of education

    Approved "Continuous education provider"
    with .7 ACE CECs, 15 AFAA CEUs & 1.9 NASM CEUs.
    Learn more about Franchise License prolongation

  • 4x pre-choreography on a USB and e-form option
    Supported by original music, sound cues & graphic info wall
  • 4x music compilation on a USB and e-form option
    Licensed music, breathing sound cues & ThetaWave technology
  • Official Instructor manual
    Learn quick with the help of step by step Instructor manual

    Updates available each year upon Franchise license prolongation

  • Personalized marketing tools
    (website, trailers, flyers, FB ...)
  • Global franchise branding + listing into the Instructor and Class locator
    (getting you new clients)
  • Access to your Nirvana Instructor Network Profile
    (video tutorials, marketing materials, guidelines, personalized webpage)

    Updates available each year upon Franchise license prolongation

Mission statement

NirvanaFitness® was born out of
growing awareness about the
importance of breathing and it’s
ultimate influence on our lives.
Science behind

Medical science has revealed
an alarming fact, 80 % of the
population is breathing wrong -
shallow & inefficient.
Education events

NirvanaFitness® education will give
you complete training on how to
lead "Nirvana breathing fitness to
music” group classes.

Testimonials & reviews

Instructor Certification Courses

  • "Woohoo...we are NIN! Nirvana Fitness Instructor Certification conducted by NES Meera Nair, thank you so much for ur generous sharing of this beautiful program. This's one of the few that I truly love."
    Meishan Lin
  • "I had always love doing yoga and pilates. Glad I come across this program that suit my needs. This program teaches me the importance of correct breathing, a mind and body detox and give me a toned and flexible body through a series of yoga and pilates movements."
    Jenny Loo
  • "I registered for the Nirvana Instructor training with an open mind and as soon as I joined my first master class, I was hooked. MOVEMENT and BREATH the NirvanaFitness® way was the missing link towards my goal of total wellness. Experience how our classes can enhance your LIFE."
    NES Lita Quisumbing
  • "NirvanaFitness® makes it simple for instructors to lead this mind and body class by providing music which helps them instruct the breathing patterns easily and accurately …"
    Shuhaidah MdNoor
  • "Being fit physically is just not enough. Emotional, mental and spiritual connection too plays an important role. NirvanaFitness® is one of the very few programs that includes all the 4 elements. Looking forward to seeing you at one of my Class or Instructor Course."
    NEX Meera Nair
  • "For me, NirvanaFitness® class helps me to calm down mentally, slow down my thinking, slow down my breathing and really reach a state of happiness peace and calm that I never thought possible before."
    Catherine Rose-Yates
  • "NirvanaFitness® gets students to focus on the length of the breath which improves the quality of the breath and the amount of oxygen that we get in our bodies. If you feel like yoga is not for you, 
    NirvanaFitness® might be what you need!"
    Bea Tabuñar
  • "Did it! Not many programs interest me but NirvanaFitness® is not just interesting, 
    it's inspiring and takes one to a whole new level! Got to do it to experience it!"
    Lavania Lav


Nirvana Instructor Network for Worldwide Breathing Awareness