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NirvanaFitness® Terms of Purchase 
(Purchase of Online Instructor trainings)

You are hereby notified about the NirvanaFitness Terms of Purchase (for the purchase of Nirvana Online Instructor trainings):

1. Certification Terms
In order to be certified we need to verify you country of residence and a Skype session with a Nirvana expert needs to be conducted.
We need to verify your country of residence because Online Instructor trainings are not yet available in all countries and consequentially also certification on such basis is not possible. If you country of residence is not on the list of countries in the dropdown menu in the registration process we advise you to contact us at or check the list of our on-site trainings.

A Skype call with the Nirvana expert will be conducted in 2 to 5 weeks from your registration. A Nirvana expert will walk you through all the steps, answer your questions and indicate further options within the Nirvana system.

After this two conditions have been completed you will receive the certificate of a Nirvana Instructor via email.

If it proves that you reside in a country where online educations are not available you will not be certified as a Nirvana Instructor. Your payment will not be reimbursed but you can come to an on-site instructor training when available in your country of residence.

2. Acceptance Terms
Having a fitness professional certification or license is not a pre-condition to attend the NirvanaFitness® Instructor Course even though this is 
highly recommended. It is the responsibility of the individual to be informed of, comply with, or obtain any regulatory, tax, fitness or education 
requirements, qualifications, certifications or licenses needed to conduct business or teach NirvanaFitness® classes according to the laws and 
regulations in the territory where you will teach NirvanaFitness® classes. 
There will be no exam before certification.

Our online courses fees and license fees are not refundable.

3. Miscellaneous
Upon your payment you will receive access to your NIN profile. It is strictly forbidden to share the content in any way. You are not allowed to teach 
any classes or use any of the content in your classes prior to receiving your certification.

By proceeding to the next step you agree to receiving further information about your order and registration to the instructor training but not to receiving any newsletters or other types of commercial offers from NirvanaFitness. If you wish to receive also such information please sign up for this at our website. 

Please check in detail also the Instructor Franchise Agreement document. Upon your registration you agree to those terms.