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Tuki Forever Club

The "Tuki Forever Club" is the club gathering the strong believers in the Nirvana® system, meaning whether you are a Nirvana instructor or a Flow Coach, if you are with us in the long run (you have a lifetime license) then you are automatically a member of this prestigious club!

With the "Tuki Forever Club", you get:

  • 25% discount on the entire Nirvana® webshop
  • 10% discount on Nirvana® Refresh courses
  • 10% discount on Flow Coach course (if you are already a Nirvana instructor with lifetime license)
  • 10% discount on Nirvana® instructor training (if you are already a Flow coach with lifetime membership)

Advantages will regularly be offered to the "Tuki Forever Club" members so stay tuned.

Plus you have your license valid for a lifetime, no more fuss of renewal, no more money to invest every year...

You are already a Nirvana® instructor with a regular license but you would like to join the Tuki Forever Club and upgrade to lifetime license?

Check your price * on this document or send us an email (

* Your price depends on how long you've been working with Nirvana® as an instructor.