Beat insomnia!

Revolutionary breathing fitness solves sleep disorders

Nirvana® Cloud #7 

Body & Mind Detox Technology

SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN by the medical community


Nirvana® Cloud #7 DeepSleep soundscapes

trigger deep regenerative sleep

The benefits of a good night’s sleep are immense!

As we lie to down to go to sleep at night, our central nervous

system is still jacked up on high alert from the

accumulated stress throughout the day.

How it works?

Shutting off your overstimulated fight or flight response

is the key to finally getting a good night’s sleep.


By lowering breathing frequency the body responds to stimulus by relaxing.

This increasingly employs the relax centers in your nervous system and efficiently

slows and calms all the body systems, creating potential for regeneration

through decreasing metabolic rate at all levels. You will sleep like a baby!


Helps with snoring and sleep apnea by re-training your breathing  

(eliminating mouth breathing ... to nose only overnight breathing).

Get a deep, refreshing sleep & improve an overnight cell oxygenation!

Breathing fitness ... a major shift in health paradigm!

Based on years of research, Nirvana® Breathing fitness

system includes a number of most efficient elements that combine into a perfect workout, while focusing on the

most important factor of your health ...

boosted cell oxygenation.


A super effective blend of pilates

toning & yoga stretching exercises

to tone up, stretch &

detox your whole body.


Conscious rhythmic breathing to soothing music soundscape

with breathing sound cues &

Nirvana® thetawave technology.



which aids in removing causes of almost all modern chronic diseases.



By lowering cortisol levels Nirvana® helps you lose & control your weight. An efficent and painless loss of excessive weight (boosted fat metabolism), while tackling the problem of weightloss at it's core (overeating).



Functional and flowing pilates/yoga, strength/stretch exercise sequences with special focus on muscles of the core.



Achieve a state of blissful calm

through conscious breathing &

Nirvana® ThetaWave sound technology.



By relieving you from vicious cycle of permanent stress Nirvana® is buying you a time to mentally and physically recharge.



Nirvana® will substantially increase your focus & present moment presence while enabling you to perform better mentally and physically at all levels. Get in the zone!

Extend breathing re-training to every aspect of your life

Features of the Cloud #7 (online & mobile version)

Full breathing retraining support system

Daily progressive programs

Nirvana® Breathing re-training

Nirvana® Breathing sequences

with soothing soundscapes

Loaded with different Nirvana® Trigger workouts (10 mins)

Short & long term progress tracking

(Body Oxygen Check)

Comprehensive exercise & breathing

technique video tutorials

Community support, local

Nirvana® instructor assistance & more ...

Option of Group classes with certified

Nirvana® instructors all over the world

Nirvana® ThetaWave sound

technology for deep & effective relaxation

Professionally conceived breathing

fitness workouts with scientific backup

Quick browse features for seamless

navigation & easy find

Blog with scientific articles,

news & inspiration

Account profile enables simple change

of settings, access and more

Nirvana® Cloud #7 

Breathing re-training system

Quick walkthrough over daily program sample

Body Oxygen Check

Start your day with Body Oxygen Check to track long term progress (fill results in the tracking system)

Nirvana® Trigger workout

Perform short 10 minTrigger workout to boost your daily oxygen, preferably in the morning

Nirvana® DeepSleep

Getting ready to sleep ... put a DeepSleep sequence on, it will sway you into a deep refreshing sleep.

Nirvana® BreathWalk

Anytime during the day, take a BreathWalk, just play music and enjoy walking meditation in nature

Nirvana® SevenBreaths

Do SevenBreaths when you feel stressed or in need of a quick calm down fix & oxygen boost

Nirvana® SlowBreaths

Performed multiple times during the day, anytime anyplace, just enjoy & breathe to the music!

Nirvana® was born out of growing awareness about the importance of breathing and its ultimate influence on

our lives. Our mission is to bring this awareness into reality!

Nirvana® Cloud #7

Progress monitoring will lead you to a slower and deeper daily breathing pattern, that will completely eliminate stress & permanently improve oxygenation of your body. Each session has inbuilt initial and final body oxygen check with guidelines and time cues and it enables comparison of your general oxygenation progress. Observe your improvement in shortest period of time!

Follow your daily Nirvana® Breathing fitness sequences on your laptop, desktop, mobile device, TV ...

Join Nirvana® Group Fitness classes worlwide

lead by officially certified Nirvana® Instructors

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Nirvana® Instructor

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Nirvana® Class

Boost your oxygenation levels further & achieve perfect health

in a full Nirvana® group fitness experience.

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