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Nirvana® The ultimate Body & Mind system

Based on years of research, Nirvana® Body & Mind system includes a number of most efficient elements that combine into the most relaxing & mindful flow of uplifting music beat, simple to follow pilates/yoga toning exercises & rhythmic breathing to detox the body & experience the blissful state of Nirvana.

Learn about a worldwide Nirvana Instructor Network, a fast spreading community stretching well over 40 countries and recognized by all the main authorities in fitness & wellness.

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Nirvana focuses on the Body and Mind. With flow in movement, breathing and music you enter the state of Nirvana, the Flow state and you reach ideal health with proper oxygenation.

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Become a trend setter, attract more clients, be on the flow! All the tools are there for you - Nirvana is a turn-key system with unprecedented support and career progression option.

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Super efficient flow of the body & mind

All the "active ingredients" within the Nirvana® Body & Mind system have been carefully implemented and are geared toward creating the right conditions for any participant to experience the Flow state.

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Rhythmic breathing to music with sound cues & thetawave technology to put your mind in a state of flow.

Enter the Flow state

Effective stress Release

Remove Burnout Symptoms


A super effective blend of pilates toning & yoga stretching exercises to tone up, strengthen, stretch & detox your whole body.

Get extra Cell oxygenation

Lose & control weight

Tone, Shape & Stretch

Enter the state of Flow

All the "active ingredients” within the Nirvana Body & Mind system have been carefully implemented and
are geared toward creating the right conditions for any participant to experience the Flow state.

Breathing flow

Rhythmic paced breathing with Nirvana PLB breathing technique


Enter the state of

Music flow

Award winning music soundscapes with integrated soundcues & Thetawave technology

Movement flow

Dynamic & fun flow of continuous Nirvana exercise sequences

We make the world breathe again

Don't take breathing for granted ...
Appreciate every breath!

Join a Nirvana Class

Nirvana classes are taking place in fitness clubs, pilates studios, yoga studios, hospitals, breathing therapy institutions, mindfulness centers, senior homes, physical therapy centers, hotels, in corporate wellness, in schools and even kindergartens all over the world.


Become a Nirvana Instructor

Do you wish to be part of the beautiful mission of raising awareness about proper breathing and its benefits on our lives? Do you wish to be a trend setter providing a new approach to fitness that relies ob the Flow states philosophy and all the newest approaches in fitness? Then join us!


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