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Nirvana® Class specifics

Nirvana® class does not follow or rely on heart rate or other workout indicators. Instead it follows, and is focused on breathing counts.

Here are listed specifics that separate Nirvana® class from other group fitness workouts.

BREATHING TECHNIQUES (Slow & prolonged exhalation through pursed lips)

(PLB - pursed lip breathing technique) creates an additional workload on the body by narrowing exhalation pathway, enabling slow and controlled exhale and forcing your body to adapt to breathing speed, which results in multitude of positive physiological adaptations, including higher lung capacity and more efficient tissue oxygenation.


Focusing your mind on breathing and your own body through pilates/yoga style movement flow, creating your own space of blissful calm. A creative solution for people who are unable to sustain any type of static meditation techniques.


Each exercise has basic & modified version, which gives instructors a possibility to adapt exercises to less or more capable clients.


Nirvana® class is distinguished from other group fitness classes also by creating an amazing relaxing atmosphere, where mats are positioned in a circular fashion, light are dimmed and candles are placed in the center with included aromatherapy (in the center of the circle).


Connection between breathing and body movement is proven to be more efficient in training core muscles (scientific EMG studies confirm deep exhalation during abdominal exercises increases intensity of muscle contraction).

Exercise sequences are designed in a way to efficiently spread the workload among different muscle groups. This means that there is no local discomfort (localized muscle fatigue).


Nirvana® class is designed to effectively reduce "information” out of a workout, something that has plagued pilates and yoga classes since the start, giving clients to much information.

Nirvana® strives for maximum stress release through trance style execution of exercises with focus on breathing rhythm. This can be achieved only if "information components” are reduced to a sufficient minimum.

Technique of each exercise including assigned breathing patterns is taught prior to execution of each exercise within the 1 min pause between sequences (supported by theta wave technology for an extra relaxation effect).

Clients then execute exercises in a simple but efficient flow, following cues in the music which indicate breathing speed, rhythm and ratio between inhale and exhale.


Nirvana® class is designed to release instructor from a fixed position on stage and allowing to support clients while individually correcting clients technique.

After initial information & execution tips has been communicated to the clients, instructor moves on to a kinesthetic correction of clients technique (correcting clients body posture and technique with hands, touching clients and giving them an additional sense of security (personal touch in a group fitness class).