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The often overlooked role of breathing in the treatment of type II diabetes

07. 03. 2017 - By Nirvana Fitness

Type II diabetes is a metabolic disorder that is becoming increasingly more prevalent in the developed world.

Treatment for type II diabetes can vary depending on the severity of the disorder but typically involves the use of certain medications while at the same time making changes to the patient’s diet and lifestyle.

If you’ve been diagnosed then don’t despair, the majority of cases are perfectly treatable and it’s entirely possible to live a full and active life, and in some cases with proper diet, exercise and medication you can even reverse the advancement of the disorder.

Breathing fitness concept offers diabetics a unique solution to help them manage their condition to the best of their ability, and get back to living in the way that they want to. The system is comprised of three main parts that are woven seamlessly together; breath-work, gentle movement sequences and relaxing audio-therapy.

Type II diabetes occurs when your cells become resistant to a hormone called insulin. Insulin’s job is to shuttle nutrients, namely glucose, from you blood into your cells.

The Nirvana® Breathing fitness uses a cutting-edge breath based approach to exercise that helps increase your cells sensitivity to insulin. This increased sensitivity is exactly what we want to achieve to help our bodies manage diabetes better.

Additionally, the breathing sequences coupled with gentle movement practices help to optimally oxygenate the pancreas. The pancreas is the organ that produces our own natural insulin – by ensuring that it has correct levels of oxygen means that it will function optimally to the benefit of our health.

Lastly, we know that losing excess body weight is one of the best methods to treat type II diabetes. Breathing fitness represents an effective approach to fat loss, and many of the users have reported excellent and progressive results.

The NirvanaFitness® system’s unique three pronged approach to wellness allows practitioners to properly oxygenate their cells, increase their insulin sensitivity and reduce levels excess body fat. In taking the world by storm and revolutionizing the way we conceptualize exercise, the system empowers diabetics to take control over their illness and live life to the full. Learning to breathe correctly has the power to transform our health and our lives for the better. In conjunction with traditional treatment from your doctor, the system is your one way ticket to vibrant health.

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