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We all need to breathe, so breathing is intricately woven into our every metabolic pathway. This article is aimed at clarifying connection between breathing and weight management. It does not just explain fat loss, but also take into equation our appetite, amount of food intake, calories burnt during activities and how our body & mind as a whole reacts to all this factors.
17. 02. 2020 - Avtor Nirvana Fitness
The Body Oxygen Check is the simplest way to measure body oxygenation level, which is the single most important indicator of your general health. This is not just a test but is also part of the Nirvana® workout, which efficiently triggers your reaction response, cutting you away from your daily state of stress and placing you into a rest and digest mode.
05. 08. 2019 - Avtor Nirvana Fitness
Parkinson’s syndrome is a very challenging condition to deal with. Classified as a "progressive, neurodegenerative disorder”, this debilitating condition affects one’s mental and physical functions over time. Research shows that there are means available to relieve some of the pain and suffering associated with Parkinson’s. Activities like Nirvana®, engaging both mind and body are part of them. Discover why ...