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We all need to breathe, so breathing is intricately woven into our every metabolic pathway. This article is aimed at clarifying connection between breathing and weight management. It does not just explain fat loss, but also take into equation our appetite, amount of food intake, calories burnt during activities and how our body & mind as a whole reacts to all this factors.
To maintain a good health, breathing properly is probably the most important and the easiest thing we can do. Let's learn more about oxygen and the technique to use to optimize our breathing pattern.
12. 01. 2018 - Avtor Nirvana Fitness
"Hugs are much more than just a way of saying hello, they are a handshake from the heart.”
Hugs offer a lot of mental and physical benefits to people, as science is now starting to discover. Find out why and learn how to do the Nirvana Healing Heart Hug...