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11. 04. 2019 - Avtor Nirvana Fitness
Sheetal is a Nirvana® instructor from Bangalore, India, where she teaches Nirvana® to kids. Read this article about her experience, their feedbacks, and learn why you should search right now for a Nirvana® instructor for your kids :-)
Read the story of Mary, a skin cancer survivor, who thanks to Nirvana® and our NEX Meera Nair was able to let go of her fear of cancer recurring and managed her anxiety.
"Nirvana is a science based program, from the breathing to the flow movements, through the music, every part is backed up by science and researches, making Nirvana a credible and necessary program to fight for example Burn out syndrom..." Watch the complete video interview of NES Simona Pajaujiene from Lithuania to understand why Nirvana® is so valuable.