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The quality of life of the little ones depends on their physical, mental & emotional well being. Adults tend to think they are the only ones feeling stressed. But kids do feel stress too and we need to show them how to connect with themselves to be emotionally strong individuals. Our NIN and Ambassador Preethi, from Bangalore, India, shares with us her experience teaching Nirvana® to kids. She is also presenting ideas of activities to do with kids around the seven intentions. Read more ... 
11. 04. 2019 - Avtor Nirvana Fitness
Sheetal is a Nirvana® instructor from Bangalore, India, where she teaches Nirvana® to kids. Read this article about her experience, their feedbacks, and learn why you should search right now for a Nirvana® instructor for your kids :-)
Read the story of Mary, a skin cancer survivor, who thanks to Nirvana® and our NEX Meera Nair was able to let go of her fear of cancer recurring and managed her anxiety.