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11. 09. 2019 - Avtor Nirvana Fitness

Last year, at this period, we were gathering for our first ever Nirvana® International Business Summit, in the motherland of Nirvana®, the beautiful Slovenia. A very productive gathering of many of the world representatives in charge of developping Nirvana® in their country. More details in the article ...

02. 09. 2019 - Avtor Nirvana Fitness
This summer, our Singapore instructors took part in a fun photo contest to celebrate Singapore bicentennial. Discover the four winning pictures here.
17. 06. 2019 - Avtor Nirvana Fitness
Our State Ambassador and newly promoted to NES position Jyothika Dwarakanth organized few Nirvana® sessions at Inventure Academy in Bangalore, India. Together with a team of 8 Nirvana® instructors, they impacted over 900 kids with their Nirvana interventions. Even though the task of teaching mindfulness to nearly 1000 teenagers was very challenging, they actually got very good results and feedbacks from many of them, showing how precious and necessary relaxing through breathing can be to beat stress. Read more about this incredible experience ...