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A wonderful complimentary treatment to reduce the risks associated with cardiovascular disease

04. 04. 2017 - By Nirvana Fitness

Cardiovascular disease is an umbrellas term for a number of diseases that affect the heart and blood vessels. The disease is becoming more and more prevalent in our societies with figures from the World Health Organization estimating that 17.5 million individuals die each year from cardiovascular related diseases.

Many potential causes have been implicated a being responsible for the dramatic increase in cardiovascular disease such as smoking, leading a sedentary lifestyle and suffering from excess stress and burnout.

We know that excess stress places a huge strain on our hearts. Too much and we are likely to increase the chances of us suffering a premature heart attack. The Nirvana® Breathing fitness represents a wonderful complimentary treatment to reduce the risks associated with cardiovascular disease.

The system promotes holistic healing and enhances vitality through a unique two pronged approach:

Breathing Mechanics & Blood Chemistry Optimisation
It is well established that individuals with heart disease breathe a far greater quantity of air at rest than healthy individuals. As a result of this cardiovascular patients often have extremely low levels of CO2 concentrated in their blood vessels and lungs. CO2 is vital to health as it acts as a vasodilator which allows for healthy distribution of blood throughout the body.

Hyperventilation or over-breathing causes fats to metabolized in an abnormal fashion. This process occurs over an extended period of time (months & years) cholesterol is deposited on the walls of the blood vessels. As these deposits grow larger and larger the risk for a heart attack grows dangerously high.

The Nirvana® Breathing fitness retrains individuals to breathe correctly which over time allows them to re-balance the levels of CO2 in their bloodstream and achieve optimum health.

Stress Reduction
Through the system’s gentle movement, rhythmic breathing patterns and soothing binaural beats the total level of stress within the body is greatly reduced. Exercise has long been touted as having anti-inflammatory and stress reducing effects on the body.

The Nirvana® Breathing fitness takes these benefits one step further. Reductions in levels of cortisol and other inflammatory markers are elicited by the synergistic combination of the breath and movement.

Total mental and physical relaxation combined with lowered body stress markers means that not only are you at less of a risk for a cardiac event but almost every single other aspect of your health will improve too.

The Nirvana® Breathing fitness system is leading us into a new age of how we think about exercise. By taking a holistic approach, it allows us to treat our illness at its root.

In conjunction with traditional treatment by your physician, the Nirvana method can help you to regain control over your health and start living a healthy and vibrant life.

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