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Chronic Diseases Caused by Low Oxygen in Cells

08. 10. 2015 - By Nirvana Fitness
Article contributed by Nirvana science consultant
dr.Artour Rakhimov (

We already discovered that people with chronic diseases have ineffective or heavy breathing pattern 24/7 with deep breathing 24/7 (for clinical studies, visit the Homepage of this site).

While considering carbon dioxide effects, we also found that chronic overbreathing leads to reduced oxygen transport to cells. As a result, ineffective breathing patterns cause tissue hypoxia, chronic inflammation, immunosuppression, and many other negative effects caused by low body-oxygen levels and hypocapnia (reduced CO2 levels).

Meanwhile, it is known that tissue hypoxia is the driving force for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, chronic fatigue and many other health conditions. Hence, the more people breathe, the more severe health problems, diseases, and symptoms they are going to experience.

In this Section we are going to focus on some common chronic diseases :

(overview of the main symptoms and signs of asthma, its causes and treatment).

Symptoms of asthma: a more detailed analysis of main asthma signs

Bronchial asthma (destructive effects of hyperventilation of lungs and airways in humans)

What causes asthma web page provides details of effects of hyperventilaiton on people with asthma

How to stop acute asthma Exacerbation educates about a simple breathing exercise that can be used instead of relievers (like Ventolin)

Sports induced asthma and how to prevent it with one very simple trick

Asthma treatment is based on elimination of overbreathing since chronic overbreathing leads to low body O2, bronchospasm, chronic inflammation and other signs and symptoms of asthma

Cure asthma with breathing normalization. If one has normal breathing 24/7, all asthma signs and symptoms disappear within 2-3 weeks (clinical remission).

(breathing exercises
 improve lung function tests and wellbeing of COPD patients)

Cause and proven medical treatment.

Cystic Fibrosis in Lungs is Caused by Low CO2 - Medical research review about prevalence of chronic hyperventilation in CF and injurious effects of chronic hyperventilation on lungs. Or check out this Amazon Kindle book:
Cystic Fibrosis Life Expectancy: 30, 50, 70".

Prognosis of Cystic Fibrosis and Lung CO2 & Body Oxygen - How clinical symptoms and prognosis, including life expectancy, relate to respiratory parameters in CF.

Cystic Fibrosis Cause: Chronic Hyperventilation - Summary of effects of chronic hyperventilation and cystic fibrosis.

CFTR expression is controlled by lung-blood gases and breathing. Scientific publications link faulty CF gene CFTR (cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator) with O2 levels in cells. Learn how overbreathing amplifies pathological changes caused by this gene.

Heart disease 
(Problems with breathing and chronic overbreathing are common clinical features in heart patients.

Causes of heart disease - Angina pain, poor blood supply to the heart tissue, low O2 levels in heart tissues, and other symptoms of cardiovascular disease are directly caused by overbreathing and reduced CO2 and O2 levels in body tissues

Angina pectoris - Since each person with heart disease suffers from overbreathing at rest and in normal conditions (no angina pain), any additional trigger or stress can immediately trigger angina pain.

Stop heart attack - Angina pain can be reduced without medication as well since it has a single cause (hypoxia in the heart muscle on a cellular level and chronic hyperventilation as the physiological cause)

Heart palpitations - There are simple physical causes of heart palpitations: a lack of grounding (Earthing), low CO2 and O2 levels in heart tissue. Therefore, one can stop heart palpitations with normalization of these key body parameters.

Myocardial infarction is destruction of tissues of the heart muscle due to obstruction of the blood flow that happen during a heart attack.

Diabetes mellitus? Only in People with Heavy Breathing

Cause of diabetes: Low Oxygen Levels in Cells

Symptoms and complications of diabetes and Effects of Breathing Retraining

Brain and CNS
(Overbreathing creates 3 major abnormalities in the human brain)

Seizure threshold is controlled by breathing pattern and blood gases. Tens of medical studies have found that voluntary hyperventilation triggers seizures, while hypocapnia in the brain lowers the seizure threshold due to over-excitement of the nerve cells.

The cause of seizures - Seizures cannot exist in conditions of normal breathing, but can appear when breathing is disturbed.

Medical studies: cause and treatment of seizures. Numerous medical teams suggested that breathing slower and less, or CO2 inhalations are useful to treat epilepsy and seizures.

How to Stop Seizures Naturally in 2-3 Min (Breath Exercise) - When the person has ability and time to control their own breathing, he or she can prevent many types of seizures with a simple breathing exercise.

How to Prevent Sleep Seizures: Lifestyle Changes - Most sleep seizures can be prevented or their severity can be reduced with simple lifestyle changes that make breathing slower, lighter and more regular.

Treatment of Seizures Program (90% Success Rate) - Breathing retraining leads to elimination of seizures and clinical remission of epilepsy.

Anxiety breathing disorders
(Even the name of this condition pinpoints the main cause)

: Hyperventilation reduces brain O2 and CO2 levels causing serious mental and psychological problems.

Chronic fatigue syndrome 
How abnormal or ineffective breathing pattern induces chronic fatigue and other debilitating symptoms.

Hypoxia is the known key cause of cancer on a cell level. How it relates to breathing of cancer patients? What are the treatment options? Do you know about the clinical trial on breast cancer: reduced breathing cured about 60 women with metastasized breast cancer?

Cancer and oxygen: Studies claim that O2 levels in cells control development of cancer

Overbreathing promotes cancer - How breathing more than the tiny medical norm promotes advance of cancer tunors

Breathing parameters in terminal cancer - Several groups of oncologists measured breathing parameters in people with cancer

- Buteyko Table of Health Zones accurately predicted pulse and respiratory rate in
terminal cancer

- A special breath holding times test (body O2 test) defines 
cancer stages

Therapies for cancer treatment - If oxygen is so important, the therapies for cancer should include natural self-oxygenation methods

Carbogen and CO2 effects on cancer - Adding CO2 to the inspired air improves oxygenation of cancer tumors

Breakthrough in breast cancer research and treatment - In a published controlled clinical trial, it was found that 2 hours of daily breathing exercises reduced mortality in people with metastatic breast cancer by nearly 6 times.

Best cancer clinical trial ever - Dr. Artour Rakhimov's review and his translation of this amazing medical success.

IBD (inflammatory bowel disease)

Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis diet, hidden triggers and beyond: Find out how to restore good digestive health, achieve no soiling, and clinical remission for these very serious digestive problems.

Clinical trial on HIV-AIDS patients revealed that the body-oxygen test reflects the stage of the disease and symptoms of the patients.

The HIV-AIDS cause is chronic hyperventilation and there are breathing techniques which can successfully address chronic overbreathing in HIV-AIDS patients.

- Studies say that 
HIV-AIDS cause is low O2 in cells. Read clinical abstracts that claim low body O2 and heavy breathing in people with HIV AIDS.

HIV-AIDS Therapy
Reduced body-oxygen content is a hallmark of numerous abnormalities related to HIV-AIDS. Hence, breathing normalization is the way to deal with these pathological changes related to digestion, mental life, feeling of energy, sleep, infections and many other lifestyle factors.

Raynaud's disease
Key causes of Raynaud's relate to lack of CO2 and free electrons in cells.

Doctor K. P. Buteyko observed that out of over 20,000 health abnormalities known to medicine, only a small portion (about 150 diseases) relates to breathing and can be successfully addressed with breathing retraining or breathing normalization. Right below here, you can find a link to the list of over 100 health conditions treated in Novosibirsk, Moscow and other cities by Dr K. P. Buteyko and his medical colleagues (with amazing results of clinical trials).

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