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Extending your life one breath at a time

13. 11. 2016 - By Nirvana Fitness

So many of us are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on multi-vitamin pills, on special food supplements and expensive medical procedures in the hope that we can gain a few more extra years at the end of our lives. We would do literally anything to gain just a little longer on this wonderful planet.

Nirvana® Breathing fitness is pioneering the way forward with a ground breaking new breath-based fitness revolution.

By taking the latest cutting edge science and blending it with the wisdom of ancient cultures, progressive gentle movements and rhythmic music the system allows practitioners to radically change their physiology, reclaim their health and change their life for the better.

Medical researchers have discovered that as we age we lose a compound known as bicarbonate (HC03-) from our blood. Bicarbonate acts as an alkaline buffer in our bloodstream. This buffer helps to maintain a stable and balanced pH level in our blood which results in the elimination of acidic waste from the human system.

The unique methods of the NirvanaFitness® system help you to retain and even replenish the levels of bicarbonate in your blood – leaving you with revitalized, vibrant and energy filled cells throughout your body.

Additionally, it is well established that the harmful effects of stress can take years off our lives. The deep relaxation and meditative nature of the NirvanaFitness® system allows us to reduce blood pressure, engage our relaxation response and live each day more presently from breath to breath.

Vitality starts at the cell level by bringing oxygen to each cell. This allows the practitioner to achieve total flourishing and stave off the usual health decline that accompanies old age.

A new breath-based workout that could add years to your life

How did you feel today? How was your breathing and your movement? If you don’t know then the answer is that it was probably not optimal. Very few of us have developed the ability to habitually breathe deeply and in a relaxed state.

The stresses and strains of modern life have left us with faulty movement patterns and shallow and rapid breathing habits which leads us to live in a state of stress, tension and unease. Over time this build-up of stress and tension puts a burden on our bodies – our hearts become overloaded, our backs start to ache and our mind becomes foggy and unclear.

If we learn to breathe and move properly, we can offset the effects of aging and continue to live with a real zest for life.

The NirvanaFitness® System offers practitioners the opportunity to thrive into their later years by increasing their levels of blood bicarbonate, by combating the stress and strain of everyday life and by teaching gentle restorative movement and breathing practices that can be used and enjoyed for every single day that you are alive!

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