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How to organize a NirvanaFitness presentation

01. 11. 2015 - By Nirvana Fitness
Internal marketing within the club: 30 – 0 days before the presentation

1. Place posters announcing the presentation on visible places, in locker rooms, on doors etc.

2. Print A4 two sided flyers that can be:
- placed on the reception desk
- distributed on other workouts
- placed on other visible places within the club
- distributed on presentations

3. Provide coupons for free workouts so people can try Nirvana prior to making a decision

Internal marketing with benefits for existing members

1. Mailing: invitation for a free presentation after which, depending on the club’s policy, the clients can whether come to Nirvana classes within their current fitness membership or acquire a separate Nirvana Fitness fee (1x or 2x or 3x per week),

2. Free class pass – trial option

3. Additional payment for Nirvana classes or a separate Nirvana Fitness fee,

4. Posts on the webpage,

5. FB posts, creating events…

6. Campaigns aiming at obtaining new clients:

7. Free class passes: even if the client comes to the free presentation, he/she should be allowed to use the free class pass again for a regular Nirvana Fitness Class.

Therefore we have another chance to convince him/her to join the class on a regular basis.

8. Distribution of flyers that include a 25% discount gift card for a monthly trial - in this way the customer is motivated to try NirvanaFitness at least for one month (one or two times per week), after the testing period the clients already feel the results and can see if the training fits them, so consequently it becomes easier for them to buy a monthly card with the regular price

External advertisement to encourage new clients: 30 - 0 days before the start

1. Hanging out posters in various public places,

2. Adverts in local radios, TV, newspapers, magazines,

3. Sending flyers to neighboring households by the post: invitations to events, regular classes, presentations of special offers,

4. External presentations for new target groups (ex. corporate antistress programs, Pulmonary associations – Breathing trainings, …),

5. Presence at charity events and presentations,

6. Seminars regarding the problems which Nirvana fitness solves followed by a practical part,

7. Various posts on web pages,

8. FB posts, creating events,

The meaning of presentations

Clients rarely sign up for a certain class without trying it first and understanding more about it which is way a free presentation is a perfect way to give the client such an opportunity.

We can offer customers more possibilities:
- trial at a regular workout: in this case new members are mixed with existing ones so it is a bit more challenging to make a good
presentation, there is little time to explain more or to have time to discuss individually…,
- trial at a special presentation class: in this case there is more time, the system can also be demonstrated from the theoretical point of view, you can present the results, increasing the enthusiasm and gaining a higher chance of them signing up for the regular class
- regular clients acquisition presentations - presentations should be organized several times per year as the acquisition of new members is an ongoing process that needs to be done on a regular basis.

Our suggestion regarding the Nirvana Fitness presentations organization: the beginning of the season – September, October / the middle of the season January, March / the summer season – inside the club or outside – May and June

Guidelines for a successful presentation

1. Advertising in line with the practices described above,

2. Mandatory client registrations (establish a deadline) for the presentation and the class as a tool of obtaining new contacts, trouble-less organization as well as future communication,

3. After receiving a registration from a client send a confirmation mail with further details (for instance: arrival 15 mins before the presentation, what they are supposed to bring etc.)

4. One day before the presentation send a reminder via email or phone,

5. At the day of the presentation: place an info poster at the entrance door or inside the fitness club (welcome info, direction arrows etc.)

6. Preparation of the room where Nirvana class is held beforehand (see section Nirvana atmosphere),

7. Reception – first contact with a customer either via phone, email or personally: a person working at the reception desk must be well informed regarding the Nirvana fitness class, dates, presentations, prices,…..

Alternatively propose to them that they only collect clients’
emails / phones and afterwards you can contact them directly to make sure the client is really presented all the relevant information.

8. If a lot of people are registered for the presentation, bring a team that can help you (colleagues, receptionists, family, friends....) - they can help you with the preparation of the room, to welcome and inform the clients, to help them sign up etc.

9. Place info flyers on the mats,

10. We recommend that beside the Nirvana flyer you also enclose a flyer with information about your club, the schedule, price lists, special offers etc.

11. Already on the presentation the clients should receive a flyer where pricing, class schedule, instructor info should be evident as well as information how they can sign up,

12. Make sure you proceed with sign ups to regular workouts or monthly trial with a discounted price on the spot,

13. Socializing after the presentation: since your goal is for the clients to stay for a while after the class so you can talk with them a bit and see their feedback, we recommend you offer some refreshments (drinks, fruit, cookies…) - in this way you can also answer all the questions they might have and encourage them to sign up - in brief: you can add a personal note which fits nicely with the Nirvana philosophy

14. Gifts: in this way you can boost the effects of the presentation (try obtaining sponsor gifts)

15. Invite the media to the presentation or organize separate PR events.

Practical execution of the presentations

1. Duration: our recommendation is 90 – 120 minutes (15 minutes: theoretical part – 60 minutes: practical part – 15 - 45 minutes: final
part with social gathering, sign ups,…),

2. Preparation of the Nirvana workout room (see below),

3. Preparation for the socializing part and placement of the marketing materials on the mats

4. Theoretical presentation: 10 – 30 minutes

- With the use of the projector:
you need a projector, a white wall or canvas, laptop, Nirvana Fitness presentation pdf file,

- Without the use of the projector:
as support for your presentation you can print the Nirvana Fitness presentation pdf and present based on this document.

5. Practical presentation: 45 – 60 minutes
- check the music,
- check the position of the trainees: everybody should stand on the upper part of the mat, we extend our arms to see if everyone has enough space,
- explain the structure of the class (if this has not been done within the theoretical presentation),
- explain and show the PLB breathing technique and the prolonged breathing system (4-4 / 4-8 / 4-12).

Lead NirvanaFitness choreography #1

1. Show exercise modifications (easier and more difficult version),

2. There is an option to present less sequences (5 – 6 out of 8) or if you think that 4 minutes per sequence is too much for a certain group of trainees, you can shorten them but this applies only to presentations. On regular workouts you should rather decrease the number of sequences but perform them in the full duration of 4 minutes,

3. In case the 1-minute Theta wave pause does not suffice for the explanation of the next sequence, stop the music in between sequences,

4. Emphasize that this is a presentation and that there is more communication than in regular classes - stress that in regular workouts the instructor does not speak much which is important for achieving of the »Nirvana mind« (active correction, visual leading)

5. In the relaxation part, remind them of what their body and mind experienced in the Nirvana class,

6. Bring the refreshments into the circle, ask them for their feedback, answer their questions and explain about the class schedule, prices, trial month etc. - check if you have their contacts (name, surname, email, phone) and already take sign ups

7. Final thank you and greeting.

NirvanaFitness workout room and atmosphere

Nirvana circular position

1. We suggest that the mats are placed beforehand so you don’t lose time with this upon the start of the class

2. First position the inner circle in which the mats are cca. 1 m apart, then proceed by placing the outer circles in the spaces between,

3. In case the participants are bringing their own mats you can place Nirvana Fitness flyers, other flyers, bottles of water in the places where the mats are supposed to be.

Nirvana candles circular position

1. We suggest the use of ecological, larger candles or small tea light candles - with the latter use platters so the floors do not get damaged,

2. Position the candles in a circle,

Nirvana aromatherapy (Do not use incense or incense sticks!)
- Use natural essential oils (not synthetically obtained),
- Use a special essential oils simmer pot,
- Take two lighters,
- Place the simmer pot in the middle of the circle.

The studio, bathroom, locker rooms and the workout room must be tidy because in Nirvana we workout in socks or bare foot plus
tidiness is of great importance for the first impression.

- the workout room should be slightly lighted
- we recommend ambiental lightning.

Workout space temperature
- for easier relaxation in a warmer room and faster warming of the body, we recommend temperature around 23°C,
- in case you cannot provide a warmer workout place, inform the trainees in advance to wear appropriate clothing (long tights, socks, hootie)

Music and how to lead the class
- check the functioning of the musical equipment (CD, speakers),
- we set the volume so that the sound cues can be heard clearly,
- always consult with the trainees if the music volume suites them,
- lead with a gentle, calm voice with clear instructions.
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