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Alexia Authenac & Meera Nair - "I am breathing" conversation

07. 05. 2021 - By Nirvana Fitness
Our Nirvana Education Expert Meera Nair interviewed 7 wonderful persons from the NirvanaFitness family for her series "7 healing intentions of NirvanaFitness".

The first conversation was with Alexia Authenac, about "I am breathing", the first NirvanaFitness intention.

Alexia is a Nirvana Education Specialist from France, FlowCode Coach and Ambassador and also a naturopathic doctor and a reiki master.

Deep breathing clears our mind, improves our sleep, improves our immune system, and has many more benefits. Your breath is everything. Sometimes you just have to stop and take a deep breath.

Watch the video of her interview:

"I am breathing" is the first Nirvana intention and for Alexia probably the most important one. "When there is no breath, there is no life. We take breathing for granted, we are on automatic pilot, but we have to live it really, because if we keep going through life with speed, we don't have time to be in the present moment, to be happy to live."

I am breathing is in the beginning of the Nirvana session and serves to remind each participant about the importance of breathing. Breathing kick-starts what you are going to do.

Alexia works with adults, children and animals.

Watch her video to see her super trick to teach children how to inhale and exhale.

As a horse-rider, Alexia has to be relaxed and quiet before climbing on her horse. Before knowing Nirvana, she was very stressed, but now her life is different, she is more mindful and has more awareness of life. Before climbing on her horse's back, she deeply connects with her horse through breathing. As a result, her horse-riding technique is radically different and her horse is much more calm.

Alexia also talks about her routine linked with breathing. She practices Nirvana daily as well as meditation, even if just for 5 minutes.

Last but not least, Alexia wants to share a message : "Be mindful, be aware about your breath and teach it to kids, because they are the future generation and they need to know about how important it is!"

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