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Wulla Tourpouzidou & Meera Nair - "I am powerful" conversation

10. 01. 2022 - By Nirvana Fitness
Our Nirvana Education Expert Meera Nair interviewed 7 wonderful persons from the NirvanaFitness family for her series "7 healing intentions of NirvanaFitness".

The fifth conversation was with Wulla Tourpouzidou, about "I am powerful", the fifth NirvanaFitness intention.

Choosing one intention for Wulla is easy. Power is what defines her. This is the first thing she thinks about in the morning when she wakes up. How to be powerful today. How to give and how to take power.

Before Nirvana, Wulla was only teaching powerful (Strength) workouts. With Nirvana, she understood what power really means.

In our lives we hold various roles : Mother/Father, Sister/Brother, Daughter/Son, Wife/Husband ... We juggle with our professional and our personal lives and all of this needs to be balanced. 
Finding power in the proper way is what will help us balance our life.

During her classes, she gives power to her students, and the simple fact of hearing the intention puts them in a true place of power, where they feel they are able to overcome all obstacles and make what they wish come true. For Wulla, anything is possible.

Watch the interview to see what gives Wulla and Meera power, what inspires them everyday.

As a conlcusion, Wulla says Nirvana is a powerful practice to adopt in the strange times we are going through and she encourages all of us to find a class.

Watch the video of her interview:

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