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Simona Pajaujiene & Meera Nair - "I am tuki" conversation

14. 06. 2021 - By Nirvana Fitness
Our Nirvana Education Expert Meera Nair interviewed 7 wonderful persons from the NirvanaFitness family for her series "7 healing intentions of NirvanaFitness".

The second conversation was with Simona Pajaujiene, about "I am here, I am tuki", the second NirvanaFitness intention.

Dr. Simona Pajaujiene, Ph.D (Social Sciences, Education) is Associate Professor at the Department of Coaching Science, Lithuanian Sport University, where she delivers courses related to health enhancing physical activity and fitness training. She holds a Master Degree in Public Health with a specialization in Health & Fitness.
She is the Nirvana Education Specialist from Lithuania as well as a FlowCode Coach.

So much is happening into our mind and it is so easy to lose focus. "Be Tuki" means "Be here, now. Be present."

"The past is history, the future is mystery, the only thing that we have is the present moment."

Watch the video of her interview:

Simona believes "Be Tuki" is the hardest intention to explain. It is different in every language and also probably for every person.
For her, Tuki is the safest place on the planet. It's our home. To be Tuki means to be at home. 
It means something inside you feels safe and present. You are you and you are safe inside you, not feeling stress or pressure about undone tasks.

Tuki is when you can connect with yourself and not fight with your mind, with your heart and with your soul. Sometimes in life, your mind and your heart are going in two different directions. Being Tuki means your heart agrees with your mind.

Controlling and thinking about our breathing can free us from other external problems so we can forget everything and fully be connected with ourselves in the present moment.

Many people feel guilty when they don't do anything. Simona says these moments are very important and crucial to our lives and we should be embracing them instead of feeling guilty. When we are Tuki, time stops and nothing outside matters anymore. 

Watch the video to see how Simona and Meera practice mindfulness, to allow plenty of Tuki moments in their life on a daily basis.

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