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Introducing Nicoletta Guidarini - the first NES in the Nirvana Family

28. 11. 2017 - By Nirvana Fitness
Nicoletta is one of our finest instructors; she has been working with Nirvana Fitness as a NES for two and a half years, and was the first NES to be educated in the Nirvana Academy. Nicoletta has educated instructors and supported them on behalf of Nirvana Fitness all across Italy, and she regularly holds her own very successful Nirvana classes in many different clubs in Milan. As a result of all her hard work across the country she has become our coordinator for Italy, advocating the importance of breathing and elevating the appreciation of life through breath.

Nicoletta has also represented Nirvana Fitness and our revolutionary breathing fitness techniques on various television shows and publications. She advocates the benefits of Nirvana in everyday life and her passion for her work always shines through when she is discussing Nirvana with others. Here is just one example of an interview where she speaks about being in the breath, vibrating with the music (click here)

Nicoletta has also attended many conventions to represent Nirvana, such as Rimini Wellness, Festival del Oriente, Fiera Tisana di Malpensa and many more local events. Her attendance at these events has helped to spread the unique benefits of the Nirvana breathing system across Italy, and helped hundreds of people achieve ‘tuki.’

As well as her incredible work with instructors, her work on translating many Nirvana materials, including the Instructor manual has been invaluable to us.

We are proud of her hard work, her passion, her love for Nirvana, her profound and genuine wish to teach others, to spread the breathing awareness, to be an important part of the family. Nicoletta is always testing, providing valuable feedback and thus contributing to our common mission of inspiring everyone around us to just consciously breathe.

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