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Katja, the co-creator of Nirvana® on visit in Romania

10. 10. 2019 - By Nirvana Fitness
Katja recently visited Romania for a 9 day motorbike trip with her husband and friends. The place is well known for bikers because of two amazing roads: Transalpina and Transfagarasan.

It was also a great occasion for her to gather with the Nirvana® Romania tribe, led by Nico, our education organizer and Laura our NES. Of course, Romanian NINs were welcome as well.
After a presentation of her new club and a special visit of the Nirvana room where Katja got to leave a little Nirvana® message and sign her name on the wall, Nicoleta had organized a special Nirvana® sunset master class with Katja as a special guest in a beautiful park of Ploiesti.


Local NINs got to meet the co-creator of the concept, a very special moment for them, and the master class was attended by persons of different ages and genders, proving once again Nirvana® is definitely a good fit for all.
All took time after the master class to exchange about their experience with Nirvana®.

The evening followed with an improvised Romano-Slovenian party in the motor club.

Next morning, the group headed to the amazing Slanic Prahova, Europe’s largest salt mine, where Nico regularly conducts Nirvana® classes.
Around 25 kids, aged from 5 to 12, came that day from Ploiesti by bus to join Katja’s 30 minutes special Nirvana® class for kids. This impressive and gigantic monument has plenty of amazing healing benefits and makes it a perfect place to practice Nirvana®.We’ll explain more about this class for kids and the properties of the salina in another article (stay tuned).

That was the end of the Nirvana® gathering in Romania, time for Katja and her travel companions to head to Bucarest to continue their amazing trip to beautiful Romania.

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