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LESS IS MORE in times when all is about Covid-19

13. 03. 2020 - By Nirvana Fitness
In these crazy times, especially with the new dangers the world is facing, we can choose to be upset, wonder why this is happening to us and plug into our fear mode or we can use this opportunity to rethink our situation and find a new flow, a new way of understanding that less is really more.

Staying home, avoiding social interactions and going to crowded places gives us the chance to lower the intensity of all processes and really just be. In Nirvana and FlowCode we teach how to be in the moment, be TUKI but many times we then go back to our speedy lives and these principles get lost in the maze of overwhelming information. Now we have the opportunity to look at the current situation as an opportunity to go deeper into the wisdom of slowing down, into that marvelous feeling that it is enough to just be: you don't need to always hurry, you don't need to constantly get new impulses, you don't need more and more to be happy - you can simply be amazed you are alive and deeply immersed in the present moment, just breathing, being encouraged by every breath, swaying you into your flow.

So use this opportunity to be with your loved ones but also just with yourself, to find new appreciation of life itself, gratitude for everything you have and for this moment.

Practice Nirvana and Flow to fully experience this and when the velocity will return, when all of this will be forgotten and life will go on as if nothing happened, we will not forget and we will always know how to align back to our flow.

Photo credits: Nicollazzi Xiong & Alexia Authenac

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