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Nirvana Experience - Mum is a fighter!

07. 11. 2017 - By Nirvana Fitness
In my personal journey as a NirvanaFitness® Instructor and Education Specialist, I've discovered, experienced and learnt the wonderful benefits of improved cellular oxygenation affecting each individual, physically and psychologically.

My mum is 70 now and she is fighting stage 4 thyroid cancer that has infiltrated her lungs, spread to her throat, and jaw and completely blocked off her airway. 7 years ago, she had thyroid cysts surgery, not realizing that these cysts became cancerous last 2 years when she started to cough blood and experienced difficulty in breathing. The doctor prepared us for the worst. We seek treatments and consulted several Oncologists and none were good news.

The last resort was to create a hole in her throat called tracheostomy to help her breathe and go through cancer treatment. We almost lost her during the tracheostomy surgery. She was a very active, loving-life and bubbly lady. The cancer has taken away all these from her and there was a period of depression affecting the family as well.

Then NirvanaFitness® came into my life. I experienced the healing breath and started to share and practiced with Mum. Gradually, I noticed that she is more active, her skin-color is more pinkish and started to eat very well. She started to attend church and cell group meetings; almost back to her own daily routine, except she could not talk well due to the tracheostomy.

Now, she practices NirvanaFitness® and QiGong every day, living a quality life as best as possible. I know NirvanaFitness® will not take away the cancer but I know that it has improved her oxygenation which is evidenced by her active and positive attitude to life. And she has lived passed 2 years now despite doctor prepared us for the worst. Mum is a fighter and she loves practicing NirvanaFitness®, one of my best student, the love of my life.
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