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Winner "Best Nirvana Experience" by NES Theresa Lawrence (August 2017)

24. 08. 2017 - By Nirvana Fitness

Winner of "Best Nirvana Experience" by NES Theresa Lawrence


Nirvana® has been a revolutionary practice for me. It completes my weekly workout.

I call it my RE-CHARGE workout. The simple movements, the peaceful Theta wave sounds and the increase of oxygen re-energizes me. As a full time fitness instructor teaching many different fitness formats, Nirvana® allows me to take care of MYSELF. This is a workout that does not "wear me down”, but rather, "builds me up”.

As a NIN, I take a great pleasure in preparing for my class, lighting the candles and preparing the essential oils is therapeutic for me. When I watch my clients 100% absorbed in the breathing and movement, I feel blessed to be the person leading them.

As a NES, firstly it was a privilege to be trained by NEX Katja Zupan herself. Her sincere love and passion for Nirvana® was translated to us all.

"Nirvana® has thought me humility, when clients tell me how much they are changed because of this beautiful format, I am humbled by their feed backs."

Theresa Lawrence

Let me share some client testimonials:

1. Dr.Yanawati Yahya, 38yrs, Malaysia

I attended Nirvana® class with NES Theresa while I was doing thesis for my doctorate. I needed to de-stress and take my mind away from the pressures of my research.

However Nirvana® gave me more than just a relaxed mind, it also increased my ability to FOCUS. As a result I completed my thesis and attained my PhD in Machine Design Engineering with ease.

I am now determined to play a part in helping other students, and have since signed up for the next Nirvana Instructor education. NES Theresa is a great instructor, she is very clear in her instructions during Nirvana® session, so it is easy for me to practice in a relaxed state of mind.

Her explanations of the benefits of Nirvana® is easy to understand and is proven as I am experiencing all the benefits for myself now. NES Theresa has given me the encouragement I need to believe, that I too, can be a good NIN.


2. Nur Hidayah Taib, 27yrs, Accountant, Malaysia.

I have been attending Nirvana® for nearly a year now. I work at my day job for 8 hours and then continue at my food stall after work. That means I am working 14 hours a day, 5 days a week. I used to feel drained, tired, my legs would hurt and to make matters worse, I had insomnia.

I was immediately drawn to Nirvana® after reading about it online. I was hooked from the 1stclass. I am not a flexible person and I am not a person who is into fitness, however the simple movements and modifications that Theresa showed me, made me feel comfortable enough to follow each session.

I now have less pain in my legs, I contribute that to the stretches in the exercises, and the Theta wave sounds have helped me sleep better. I feel energized, toned and relaxed. Nirvana® class is the highlight of my week, I never miss a class.


3. Oon Yoong Ling, University student, Malaysia

Nirvana® class helps me to relieve tension and stress in the mind and body. The deep slow breathing brings peace and boosts my mood. Nirvana classes have always been enjoyable with our instructor, NES Theresa.

She is professional and motivating, who creates a calm and supportive learning environment that makes everyone feel at ease. I always look forward to Nirvana® class as it has improved my physical and mental well-being.

I want to give a big THANK YOU to the Nirvana® support team for all the work you are doing. My gratitude to Oliwia and Meera Nair for all the encouragement and guidance.

Nirvana® Breathing fitness has indeed changed my life as an Instructor and more so as a human being. Wishing Nirvana® all the best always.

Theresa Lawrence

Team Tess Fitness
Nirvana® Education Specialist
AFAA Certified Instructor & Examiner
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