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NES Alice Freeman's international Nirvana Tour

15. 07. 2017 - By Nirvana Fitness

You may have heard how the Nirvana® is taking the health and fitness world by storm in the past few months. The revolutionary method is changing the way that we think about exercise through the synergistic combination of breath-work, gentle movement and relaxing music.

At the forefront of this global paradigm shift in exercise and wellness is master Nirvana education specialist Alice Freeman. Currently on a world tour delivering 4 masterclass events across 4 continents, Alice is spreading the message of the ground-breaking benefits of the Nirvana® Breathing fitness approach.

Her unique teaching skills are guiding more and more people to discover the power of their breathing and the influence that it can have over their lives. By developing a unique and accessible teaching style, Alice empowers her students to boldly reclaim their health and their vitality.

Alice’s students have reported feeling more grounded, happier, slimmer and healthier after working with her than ever before. She has gained a wealth of experience working with international clients from all over the globe, teaching them in her own unique way, how to live a better more fulfilled life.

It’s no surprise that her first two workshop events sold out completely in less than six hours. The events saw a wonderful turnout and everyone involved gained much from her insights, guidance and wisdom.

Her upcoming workshop in Australia is already in extremely high demand and not to be missed if you can attend. Alice’s rare, life-altering talent is truly not something you want to miss out on.

The Nirvana® Breathing fitness system takes the best of exercise science and merges it with the wisdom of ancient cultures to create a revolutionary and life-changing approach to training. In the guiding hands of Alice Freeman, you can learn to experience the wonderful benefits that hundreds of happy students are already raving about.

Alice is passionately pioneering the way forward with her breakthrough take on what health and fitness should be about. Her tried and tested methods are the ticket to a healthier body, a healthier mind and ultimately a healthier life. Sign up today!

Don't miss Alice's upcoming education event on 20th of August in Hong Kong:

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