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"Nirvana®, the Science-based program I believe in" by Simona Pajaujiene

28. 11. 2018 - By Nirvana Fitness
This testimonial of our NES Simona Pajaujiene was shot during Nirvana Business Summit 2018, in Slovenia. Simona explains why she believes in Nirvana®.

Simona is working in Kaunas University in Lithuania. The most important for her is that Nirvana is a science based program, from the breathing to the flow movements, through the music, every part is backed up by science and researches, making Nirvana a credible and necessary program to fight for example Burn out syndrom. She says the fact that you can also get accreditations by NASM, ACE or AFFA is a proof it is valuable.

Nirvana® Summit 2018 - Interview with NES Simona Pajaujiene from Lithuania

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