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NIN Suvitha Ajit: Nirvana online classes and how the Nirvana 7 intentions help in these times

15. 04. 2020 - By Nirvana Fitness
So beautifully put by Nirvana Instructor and FlowCoach, Suvitha Ajit, that we couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

We are grateful for this inspiration and so happy if Nirvana can contribute in such a positive way.


We are in a period of shift. A shift from movement to the mind. A shift from the outside to the inside. It's now that we really get into the Nirvana essence. The essence of slowing down. This shift is inevitable and we all are feeling it. When all outside movement has stopped we naturally are being focused on the here and now. The world is now turning to affirmations and prayers to come out of this crisis. They are turning to Binaural beats to keep calm and composed. Breathing properly to keep the lungs healthy and of course the functional movements to keep themselves fit. The world is turning to yoga and Pranayama. And Nirvana is a combination of all this.

A lot has been said about the breathing. Let me right now talk about the intentions. The intentions which are an integral part of Nirvana are now becoming the way of the world. As I started performing online classes I felt not just me but my students too are connecting with the intentions and connecting with themselves more. Since with the online, you can't look at your friends all the time, even if you want to, I see that my clients can truly go within. They connect to the exercises in the first 4 to 5 cueings and then do it on their own. Being in their own space, the comfort of their homes also helps.

The online process, I felt was happening in a flow, switching from one surrounding to the other, was happening in a very subtle way and very seamlessly. And the effect of Nirvana was staying on longer.

How are the intentions relevant in present time?

I AM BREATHING: as one of my students rightly said "right now we need to breathe right. This is the time we need to do Nirvana more."
We now realise the power of the breath. How controlling our breath can make so many positive shifts within us. Controlling our breath can give us stronger lungs and immune system.

I AM TUKI: Yes, being in the moment will help us face the lock down period with more positivity and strength. Be in the now! Do what is important today. Let's focus on this moment and not on the future or the past. This crisis has taught us only the "now" is ours. In Nirvana we’ve always believed in being TUKI.

I FEEL LOVE: This is not a lockdown. It's your chance to heal. Indulge in self love. Give your mind and body the much deserved rest. Spread love to your loved ones. Appreciate the love around you. Love is what we have always been affirming with Nirvana.

I FEEL GRATEFUL: This is perhaps the affirmation that the whole world is chanting now. It's the closest to everybody's heart. And the one that each one is connecting with the most. Gratitude to the warriors helping us. Gratitude to mother earth along with forgiveness. Gratitude for our own health and our immunity. Gratitude to our dear ones for being there. Everyday - today, each one of us is saying I AM GRATEFUL.

I AM POWERFUL: When the leaders of the nation asked us to go into lockdown, they were indirectly telling us about our own powers. The power we have over the virus. They believed we are powerful enough to defeat the virus. We believe we are powerful and we will come out of this.
We have been powerful enough to come up with alternatives so that there is least disruption to our lives. These online classes are a proof of our power to beat all odds.

I FEEL JOY: Yes, we need to feel Joy. Keep affirming this. Keep the smile on so that our kids smile. Feel happy that the earth is healing. Somewhere the animals are happy, the plants are enjoying themselves. Pollution has come down. Feel happy ... Feel joy for the beautiful earth that awaits us.

I FEEL PEACE: When in one of the classes the audio said I feel peace ... with a sigh and a deep breath I repeated "I feel peace". Yes, I felt a lot of peace after 45 minutes of powerful breathing and literally going within. And then I saw the smiling faces of my students, the peace could be seen on all of their faces.
Despite the uncertainties around us, we had found our peace.

The world is going through a change and NIRVANA® is already that "change". Very futuristic.
It's like water. You can fit it into any container ... Sometimes as a whole ... sometimes in parts (just the breathing, just the intentions, just the music, just the movement) but it can be put in. Also, just like water, it is also a major part of our body. In breath, in thoughts and in action. Nirvana® is all that the situation is demanding, put together in the most scientific way possible. A complete package !!!

Nothing to add, nothing to delete
NIRVANA® is wholesome and complete!!!

Article written by Suvitha Ajit
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