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Nirvana’s 1st Asia Summit

21. 12. 2017 - By Nirvana Fitness
We’re thrilled to announce that our first Nirvana Asia summit was an incredible success! Organized by our Asian Nex, Meera Nair, the summit saw a total of 19 Nirvana Education Specialists, Education organizers and Instructors attending from across Asia. Representatives from Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, India, Maldives, and the Philippines participated. 

The summit involved a number of tribe-building activities over 3 days. They covered various topics, designed to refresh and deepen their knowledge about Nirvana, including: 

· Dos and don’ts 
· Walk using the Nirvana music 
· Breathing in water
· A bare feet breath-walk connecting oneself with water, wind, and earth 
· Creating a centerpiece, using anything available in nature 

The activities were designed to emphasize responsibilities, integrity and the importance of being there for one another. There were both indoor and outdoor activities, allowing the participants to connect with nature and the elements as well as with each other to enhance their learning experience. 

Many of the activities were completed in groups to foster togetherness and teamwork. The creative assignments performed together in their tribes were very popular because they brought the participants closer together. 

Meera also went in-depth into each of the seven intentions: I am here; I am breathing; I am powerful; I feel grateful; I feel peace; I feel joy; I feel love. The participants delved deep into the meanings of all seven intentions via short videos, music and breathing exercises. 

One of the most exciting parts of the summit was the participants preparing their plans for 2018. The group was fired up about how to incorporate what they learned at the summit into their own lives as well as their Nirvana classes. 

The enthusiasm of all attendees was amazing, and we know that they are all set for an abundant 2018. Thank you to Meera for organizing such an inspiring event, and to the attendees for showing such commitment and enthusiasm.

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