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The Nirvana birthday speech of Katja Zupan (Nirvana co-creator)

15. 03. 2021 - By Nirvana Fitness
" This year was really very different, special and challenging in many ways. I like to look at it in a positive way, so many times this year I remembered our 5th Nirvana anniversary.

Last year, we celebrated Nirvana birthday in India on our first Nirvana global summit which was amazingly organized by our Asia team, despite the starting problems the world was about to experience and a lot of cancellations, but we still gathered from all over the world and for a week we were breathing, laughing, eating, hugging, sleeping, living together as a global Nirvana family.

This gave all of us an incredible motivation to breathe through this year of challenges. Each of us had their own lessons to learn, but we all had Nirvana with so many beautiful and effective tools to help us overcome them.

We practiced Nirvana even more often just for ourselves ,we went to our Tuki place and everything became quiet, peaceful, happy and we felt connected with unconditional love energy, source of all creation and from there we created a better world for us and the whole humanity.

For me, breathing is the beginning and the end.

It ̇s creators gateway of the infinite expression of all forms of life.

When we are consciously breathing, we are connected with our soul, our inner-self and we can observe and control life's expression of our reality.

Deep, slow breathing brings calmness and clarity and slow down our full body. Nirvana movements spread the life energy through our body and increase the vitality of every cell, organ, part of our body, so we can thrive in our life.

So, just breathe, be Tuki and everything will be alright.

Tuki hug for all."

Katja Zupan 22.2.21
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