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NES Neha Saxena Bagga brings the benefits of Nirvana to men, with male-focused classes

13. 12. 2017 - By Nirvana Fitness
Neha is one of our most exceptional graduates of the NES program. Previously conducting successful Nirvana classes in Singapore, Neha has now moved back to Delhi where she will lead her very first Nirvana training as a fully qualified NES. Her incredible enthusiasm and teaching style is so alluring that a long list of instructors will be flying over to Delhi just so that they are able to attend a Nirvana training session led by her.

Neha breaks the mold in many ways, refusing to conform to stereotypes. Her inspirational determination, independence, and personal power have all contributed to her incredible success as a Nirvana instructor. Her innovative nature led her to start running Nirvana classes for men, which have been very successful indeed.

Her male clients have been very impressed with the way she conducts the training and the results they have been able to achieve. Some of the testimonial comments she has received are:

"I was skeptical of joining initially as I had a perception this may be primarily for ladies….My stamina and flexibility has increased since I joined it recommend this to specially males for greater flexibility and coordination.”

"I realized that this routine can work wonders on one’s flexibility and keep the body agile.”

"Nirvana streamlines breathing, works on centering of chakras through affirmations and of course works on physical fitness through asanas weaved beautifully into various sequences.”

"It’s not only a fitness regime but in true sense a lifestyle fitness program imperative to all who aspire to life long and healthy.”

"I thank you Neha for guiding us on finer aspects of stretches and exercises and ways to attain more benefit from same routine.” ​

Neha is an inspiration to us for proving that Nirvana can be successfully introduced to men. Due to her tenacity, many men are now able to experience the proven benefits of the Nirvana concept.
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