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Nirvana Instructor Yoshie Ito Brings Nirvana Fitness to People with Disabilities

01. 12. 2017 - By Nirvana Fitness
Yoshie Ito is one of our most incredible instructors; originally from Japan, she now teaches NirvanaFitness classes in the Sabah region of Malaysia. Creative, ambitious, and hard-working, Yoshie has been a Nirvana Instructor since July 2017 and has already undertaken NES training to become a certified NES in the very near future.

We’re very proud of Yoshie, not only because she’s an excellent instructor, but because she really thinks outside the box about how to make the Nirvana concept accessible to everyone. She teaches very successful Nirvana classes to people with disabilities, autistic children, and pregnant women; bringing them the benefits of our unique breathing and movement techniques and empowering them to achieve better performance and ‘tuki ’through conscious breathing. Her sweet, giving and thoughtful nature makes her a fantastic instructor for people of all ability levels.

Yoshie’s dedication to NirvanaFitness shows not only in her amazing work with people with disabilities, but also through her work as a Nirvana Education Organizer (NEO). She has arranged numerous incredible presentations and Nirvana classes as part of her role. These events have helped to educate people about the unique benefits of the Nirvana breathing system.

We want to sincerely thank Yoshie for all of her hard work and her unbridled creativity in bringing the NirvanaFitness concept to people with disabilities. Her love for Nirvana and her profound and genuine wish to teach others shines through in everything she does. Her inspirational hard work is helping to spread the concept of breathing awareness throughout Malaysia.

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