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Nirvana, the Flow training

23. 10. 2018 - By Nirvana Fitness
Life is all about Flow. Everything from the oceans and forests, to the biorhythm of living beings, works within an ebb and flow that seems to encompass everything. The very planet itself is experiencing a flow as it oscillates around the Sun and reacts to the gravity of other heavenly bodies. Everything in existence down to the atom and all its components has a flow. You are no different! The difficulty of the human experience is that our mind and emotions often seem to place us out of balance with this universal flow. We can all attest to feeling as if we were at some point in our lives. With our current societal understanding of physics and our physiology, there really isn’t any reason to carry this burden any longer. Experts have suggested that human beings have the ability to manipulate ourselves and the world around us to experience life however we choose. With this in mind, maybe it’s time to take charge and place yourself in harmony with the life force within and around you!

The famous Hungarian psychologist, Mihaly Csikszentmihaly, coined the term ‘Flow State’, in order to discuss this very phenomenon of being in perfect harmony with the present moment. He and other like-minded scientists have expounded on the possibility that we all can reach a balance with life in which we experience the perfect harmony of our thoughts, biology, activity and surroundings. This state of being, the flow state, is accessible and easily reached through practices which promote present moment awareness and optimized action. When one is completely immersed in the action that they are performing, their mental activity and physiology reaches new heights of ability and perception. Being in the flow or in the flow state is what some would call being ‘in the zone’. This is the very ‘Flow’ that Csikszentmihaly described and it is the true Flow of the universe at large. How wonderful would it be to access this dimension of your life with ease and fun? 

If this sounds like something worth exploring, then you’re in luck! Nirvana has carefully and expertly designed a program that hacks you directly into the flow state. By making use of body movement, breathing techniques and music, Nirvana created an experience that is suitable for virtually anyone to discover what Flow can bring into their lives. So one could say Nirvana is the best possible flow training.

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