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Nirvana® Singapore Tour September 2017

18. 10. 2017 - By Nirvana Fitness
Meera Nair is one of our Nirvana Education Experts, the most experienced Nirvana® professionals in the Nirvana Instructor Network; a global instructor community in over 40 countries.

Meera has been leading the breathing fitness revolution in Asia and recently met with some new instructors in Singapore to deliver some training on how to spread the word about the incredible benefits of the Nirvana Breathing approach.

Meera really enjoyed getting to meet some of our new instructors in Singapore. It was great to meet in person and for everyone to get to know each other a little better.

What really stood out, however, was the dedication of our Singapore instructors and their willingness to push themselves to improve with every practice. They are all very dedicated to bringing the benefits of the Nirvana Concept to their local area and empowering people to achieve better performance and ‘tuki’ through effective breathing techniques.

Meera spent some time working with each of the instructors on how to introduce the Nirvana Concept to participants in their own unique style while letting participants know about the four main principles of this revolutionary method:

1. Nirvana Breathing Technique. By utilizing the pursed lip breathing technique, we create an additional workload on the body by narrowing the exhalation pathway, enabling a slow and controlled exhale and forcing the body to adapt its breathing speed, which results in a multitude of positive physiological adaptations, including higher lung capacity and more efficient tissue oxygenation.

2. Movement for strength and flexibility. Using movements inspired by Yoga and Pilates, we tone up the whole body through series of effective and simple to follow functional exercise sequences. The exercises used focus on the entire body but are particularly useful for the core muscles.

3. Slow and relaxing music with integrated binaural beats and theta wave technologies creates a soothing atmosphere, and each exercise sequence has its own dedicated soundtrack to induce relaxation and complement the sequence.

4. Intentions. By stating intentions for connection and healing, we open ourselves up to experience tuki.

The instructors all did an excellent job, and their feedback from the experience was overwhelmingly positive:

"Giving a presentation on the tour was a special experience for me. Being able to connect to my audience even before the session.”

"Nirvana Fitness has touched me personally and boosted my confidence.”

"The biggest takeaway would be NIRVANA FITNESS OXYGEN CHECK….The participants were in awe. That experience itself elevates NIRVANA FITNESS MOTTO "Breathing Thru Fitness."

Before the presentation, many had the mindset it’s just another 'YOGA " class. When I shared it encompasses Pilates, Yoga, Meditation, and Breathing. They were thrilled and wanted to learn more.”

One participant even shared "need not run from one workout session to another" my exact sentiment. Running for a Pilates class and then a yoga class and many more is rather draining and time-consuming.

"What makes me want to continue with this program? BECAUSE I have seen how much this works for my clients and had benefited them.”

We’re delighted that the instructors have had such a positive experience, and applaud them for rising to the challenge. We’re sure that this is just the beginning of their Nirvana journey, because they have demonstrated such great potential and we look forward to supporting them on their Nirvana journey.

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