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NirvanaFitness with Jolanta is more than a fitness workout

18. 10. 2021 - By Nirvana Fitness
NirvanaFitness is different than all other fitness workouts. In one hour, it brings the participants of the training into a cozy circle, attracts attention and distracts them from everyday worries.

Before each workout, I always think about what message I want to convey through my centerpiece, what elements of nature or human creation I want to use. This centerpiece was inspired by the enlightened golden autumn in Lithuania.

On Monday morning, on my way to training at Riešė Sports Club, I stopped at a maple tree of amazing beauty. The tree looked perfect from a distance, but up close I saw that many of the leaves were damaged - "decorated" with stains, holes. What to do - pick only the perfect leaves to create something perfect and beautiful?

Then came the idea that I conveyed at the beginning of the training by presenting the composition of the centerpiece: the lives of other people and families seem perfect to us from afar, sometimes we envy that they are doing so well, but we are indeed lacking information and close up.

So I invite you to focus on your own life and the lives of your family and friends, to "stain" the spots, to patch holes so that the distant and close images of life come together to make our glow as real as possible (see a yellow maple tree lit by the sun in your imagination!).

After training at Yoga House on Wednesday evening, I saw that the shiny fresh leaves had changed - they were lying on a heated floor, dried out, curled up, at first glance it turned out that they were no longer beautiful, so I wanted to throw them away. The next morning, I was going to stop by that beautiful tree again and pick new leaves, but instead, I just passed by as if in a hurry.

In preparation for a lunch break at the MyGym women’s sports club, I glanced at the bag of leaves - maybe I could give them a second chance? And to my great surprise, I saw the leaves DIFFERENTLY! I gave up the idea of ​​collecting new leaves and added two thoughts to the message of the center:

• the first glance does not lead to serious decisions (eg underestimation = rejection), you need to step back, wait and look again, re-evaluate;
• old age can be beautiful, the autumn of human life is full of life colors, despite wrinkled skin, it is important not to underestimate yourself or the others, but to see, discover all the beauty and spread it!

On Friday after my morning workout, I attended a neighbor’s funeral. He was a musician, a teacher who left his mark on the lives of many people. In the evening training for the community of Pagubė, the message of the center's presentation expanded and gained even more depth: the smooth leaves change, curl and become more brittle as they age, they collapse from the perspective of human life - yes, the body is fragile, it will lie on the ground, will perish, but the light of our hearts may remain for a very long time. How strongly and for how long and wide we shine depends only on ourselves!

The picture above was taken on Friday night during my workout.

#NirvanaFitnessJolanta is more than a workout, and the center is not only a gorgeous centerpiece for the eyes, but also a life-changing story.
Written by Jolanta Ramonienė

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