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Our Breathing Planet

04. 06. 2021 - By Nirvana Fitness
This planet is alive! It grows, oscillates, and rotates according to a specific kind of unity. It is difficult to wrap our minds around this energetic ecosystem, but what we know is that it supports all life here. Within our being, we have the capability to come in to contact with this force through our breath. We can either allow it to flow on its own, or we can consciously control it. Medical science has shown that the frequency of our breathing has a direct impact on our brain and body functions. So in this way, the breath is a direct doorway into the Flow of your life experience. Nirvana® encourages us to be fully aware of the importance of breath and how that connects you to the planet.

Nirvana® works by instructing you to breathe in patterns that open the path to sustained unity of action and optimal mental processing. In this space, you are no longer fighting the world, but instead you are merging with it. Even the centerpiece of a Nirvana® class speaks to this attitude of reverence. By incorporating the elements from the environment, Nirvana® class is structured to organically put you in touch with the Earth. Nirvana® teaches us to express gratitude to our planet and encourages this through action. With this in mind, Nirvana® goes paperless whenever possible, choosing e-forms and online marketing over traditional methods. Nirvana® clothing is made locally with quality materials to save in energy resources. Also Nirvana® hopes to raise global awareness by providing scientific information related to our air purity and ways that we can help. It is up to us all to appreciate and care for our planet through awareness and action. After all, we are TUKI, so let’s give love to our home!
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