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Science behind NirvanaFitness™

17. 10. 2015 - By Nirvana Fitness
Several studies have shown that heart disease, depression, anxiety, and chronic pain patients have an intimate relationship with persistent shallow, chest breathing behaviors. Several researchers have suggested maintenance of posture and breathing habits to be the most important factor in health and energy promotion.

Consider this: The average human being breaths between 12 – 18 breaths a minute. That equates to 18,000 to 26,000 breaths every 24 hours. It has been suggested that, at rest, we should consume 6 breaths in a minute to supply our needs. The extra activity involved in our short, shallow breathing habits is robbing us of precious energy, producing toxic waste products and promoting disease in our bodies.

The world famous Dr. Arthur Guyton theorized that all chronic pain, suffering and diseases are caused from a lack of oxygen at the cellular level. Lack of cellular oxygen is termed hypoxia.

Hypoxia has been implicated in central nervous system pathology in a number of disorders including cancer, heart disease, stroke, and various other neuro-degenerative diseases. Among other diseases, regions of low oxygen tension are commonly found in malignant tumors and are associated with increased frequency of tumor invasion and metastasis.

Nirvana Fitness was born out of growing awareness about importance of breathing and it’s ultimate influence on our lives. Our mission is to bring this awareness into reality.

Breathing is the only bodily rhythm that we are able consciously control. Breathing is our gateway to monitor and manipulate body into calmer state of mind through slow, relaxed fully focused deep exhale breathing, completely merged into mesmerizing flow of uplifting chillout music.

Main goal of the class is to tone up your whole body through series of effective and simple to follow exercises while focusing on breathing for full 55 mins, creating an array of amazing relaxation effects (meditative properties), oxygenation, fresh energy boost and deep sense of re-connection with one’s own body and mind.

Endorphines released during toning exercises followed by deep exhale focused breathing are number one measure against all prevailing "burn out syndrome” looming all around us (and statistics shows it is getting worse each year, causing depression, anxiety ... ).

Breathing techniques used in Nirvana fitness are used & recommended by doctors worldwide with effects well documented within science.

We took this knowledge and place it in the center of the workout and on the ground, into a group fitness class, which previously lacked to acknowledge importance & benefits of correct focused breathing.

Nirvana fitness has proven great results in conditioning breathing pattern to a healthy & recommended deep exhale diaphragmatic breathing with a conditioned prolonged exhalation creating "Conditioned Relaxation Response”. Effect known to meditation and techniques in hypnosis, that produces instant stress reduction response.
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