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The importance of the centrepiece in NirvanaFitness® atmosphere

02. 03. 2018 - By Nirvana Fitness
One of the main goals of NirvanaFitness® is to achieve inner peace, the sense of relaxation that everybody needs, and through this, fight burnout syndrome, depression and keep us healthy.

Every component of Nirvana is playing an essential part in reaching this goal. The calm music, the theta waves and the exercise flow would be what comes to mind first.

However, the whole atmosphere is crucial to bring one’s mind in this relaxed zone. Reduced light, controlled temperature (ideal is 21 to 23°C for Nirvana), aromatherapy (calming scents like lavender, Lemon or Yuzu, bergamote, ylang ylang or chamomile) and a centrepiece.

The circular position in NirvanaFitness® makes the centrepiece a very visible element and therefore something that should be beautiful and meaningful, participating to set the perfect atmosphere for a Nirvana class. We see the centrepiece as a tribute one makes to Nirvana, a reflection of fascination and appreciation, two aspects so important for the Nirvana style of life.

There are many ways to create centrepieces and they could be different each time, encouraging one’s creativity. In general, they should be inspired by the nature, the environment, using natural materials such as wood, sand, flowers, branches or rocks…

They should be meaningful and for instance incorporate all 4 elements, fire, earth, water and wind. They should help us truly feel the 7 Nirvana intentions; I am breathing, I am Tuki, I am grateful, I feel love, I am powerful, I feel joy, I feel peace.

They can also be adapted to a special event or audience for a better impact.

The key is to be creative and follow your heart!

(C) Photos from NIN Jyothika Dwarakanth, NIN Sheetal Arora, NEX Meera Nair and NIN Suvitha Ajit.
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