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The Seven Intentions of team Maldives

23. 04. 2019 - By Nirvana Fitness
On Nirvana Birthday, during Global Breathing Awareness Week 2019, Nahula Ahmed, our NES from the Maldives, took her team to a special trip. They gathered and spent some precious time creating happy memories around fun Nirvana activities.

Nahula explains: "We gathered at Maafushi island for a special breakfast. Then, we all went to the beautiful walkway sand bank nearby. Its surrounding beautiful lagoons of blue-green waters were a delightful experience as the sand banks are blessed with a natural wonder. We got only 2 hours to take videos and photos as the sand bank was gonna be submerged by water on high tide. Sand, sea, sun and breeze are just a perfect environment for Nirvana®."

And we couldn't agree more when seeing the beautiful photos and video they shot that day!

"I am breathing" - "I am tuki"

"I feel love"

"I feel grateful"

"I am powerful"

"I feel joy"

"I feel peace"

Thank you to the Ambassadors and NINs who participated in this event along with Nahula.
Ambassador Fathimath Shahula, Ambassador Wafa Saeed, NIN Zuneena Habeeb, NIN Nazima Abdul Qani, NIN Mariyam Milna, NIN Izyan, NIN Aiminath Nimla, NIN Asma Ahmed, NIN Mariyam Hameed.

Article written after Nahula's feedback, photos and videos.

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