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Video testimonials from our NESes

26. 10. 2018 - By Nirvana Fitness
Watch these amazing video testimonials from 4 of our education specialists and get to know better why NirvanaFitness® is such an amazing program and all what it can do for you!

Nirvana® Summit 2018 - Interview with NES Alice Freeman from Dubai & HongKong

Alice loves Nirvana because it makes her feel energized and happy ... but mostly because it helped her with her health condition (thyroide and diabetes). Thanks to Nirvana, she was able to completely stop her hormanal treatment as well as her insuline! Mind blowing testimonial...

Nirvana® Summit 2018 - Interview with NEX Meera Nair from Singapore

Meera is not only an education specialist, but she is also an education expert, so she educates NESes. She started her journey with Nirvana in 2015 and she since became International Coordinator for Asia. Nirvana is inspiring her and she is spreading this all around ...

Nirvana® Summit 2018 - Interview with NES Simona Pajaujiene from Lithuania

Simona is working in University in Lithuania. The most important for her is that Nirvana is a science based program, from the breathing to the flow movements, through the music, every part is backed up by science and researched, making Nirvana a credible and necessary program to fight for example Burn out syndrom. She says the fact that you can also get accreditations by NASM, ACE or AFFA is a proof it is valuable.

Nirvana® Summit 2018 - Interview with NES Neha Saxena Bagga from India

Neha is a certified Yoga teacher, however, she never felt connected and never taught Yoga. The day she tried Nirvana, she got goosebumps, felt the connection she was missing, slept like a baby during the night and could even feel her muscles had worked. She found Nirvana to be the prefect combination of elements. Nirvana even allows you to meditate without even realizing it! Perfect ...

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