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Why Smoke when you can Flow?

16. 05. 2018 - By Nirvana Fitness
The way you breathe has a huge impact on your consciousness. Medical science of the modern era, as well as, ancient times spoke of how important the breath is. Breathing is what connects us and fuels our very life force.

The lungs are our primary defense mechanism against environmental toxicity. As the safeguard to such a vital function of life, the importance of lung health cannot be overstated. When a person smokes, they are doing significant damage to the cellular structure of the lungs and impeding the process of proper air exchange.

Despite this, around 18 billion cigarettes are sold everyday to nearly 2 Billion people who smoke worldwide*. Medical science has repeatedly provided evidence of smoking being linked to heart disease and lung cancer, yet new smoking habits are being formed continuously. Let’s face it, no matter how enjoyable some may find it, smoking is bad!

The good news is that even a former smoker can find redemptive health benefits from changing their breath consciousness. Studies have shown that deep diaphragmic breathing, when done properly over time, can restore a significant amount of lung function. Nirvana® technology provides guidance in connecting this breathing pattern with movement and purpose. Now through Nirvana® we’re taught new scientific ways to hack our breathing patterns to produce the best possible health and Flow performance. The process one learns through a Nirvana® centered health routine can have immediate impact on lung function and awareness. By coupling this with smoking cessation techniques, you can not only break away from the habit but also increase your quality of life. This year, for No Smoking Day, let us be reminded of the power and crucial nature of our respiration.

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