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Asthma – A Growing Problem!

13. 09. 2016 - By Nirvana Fitness

There is no doubt that asthma is becoming a major health problem worldwide. According to figures released by the World Health Organization there were approximately three hundred million individuals around the globe who were suffering from the respiratory condition in 2016.

Of these sufferers roughly 250,000 people are dying prematurely each year as a result of the illness. Sadly, almost all of these deaths are avoidable when proper management is put in place. To make matters worse, the future does not look particularly bright; the best projections estimate that by 2025 the number people suffering from asthma will climb to a staggering four hundred million, with the trend showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Are there any solutions?

With asthma taking an even stronger foothold around the globe, it’s never been more imperative to develop effective, complimentary treatment protocols that can help offset the symptoms of the disease and improve the quality of the life of those suffering from the disease. Two such treatments that are often recommended by the medical establishment to asthma sufferers are physical and breathing exercises.

The NirvanaFitness® offers a scientifically backed, easy to learn and effective method through which asthmatics can learn to gain better control over their symptoms and potentially frees them from excessive use of steroid medications.

It seamlessly combines both physical exercises and breathing exercises to provide a synergistic solution for complete asthma management.

The Science behind

There is a wealth of scientific evidence to suggest that asthma is caused by the process of hyperventilation – i.e. over-breathing. Due to the many stresses and strains of modern life people have begun to breathe shallower and more rapidly in response to stressful stimuli in day to day living – deadlines that must be met, high levels of caffeine consumption, late nights & early mornings etc.

Due to the high prevalence of co-morbid allergies in asthma patients, sufferers often learn to habitually breathe through their mouth as their nasal passages are often blocked with mucous. This rapid and shallow exchange of air depletes the bodies’ natural stores of carbon dioxide.

This depletion causes the bronchial passage ways to relax causing a feeling of breathlessness. The body then attempts to counteract the chronic loss of CO2 by thickening the airways further adding to the problem.

Meanwhile all of this over breathing keeps the bodies sympathetic nervous system stimulated, never giving the system a chance to regenerate and restore normal function.

The NirvanaFitness® offers a solution to this problem by systematically teaching students to re-learn correct breathing practices. The slow, deep breathing soothes and calms practitioners by stimulating their parasympathetic or ‘rest and digest’ nervous system response. The combination of gentle movement and restful breathing are a powerful antidote to the common habitual shallow breathing practices that are so common in the modern world.

The system teaches sufferers to manage their breathing while exercising in a safe and progressive manner and so reduces the possibility of a dangerous exercise induced asthma attack. The skills taught are transferable to everyday life for asthmatics also – slow focused breathing can reduce the possibility of an asthma attack at any time throughout the day which is especially useful when medications are not immediately available.


There are many treatment options available for asthmatics and the first port of call should always be to seek your physician’s advice concerning medications. However, many asthma sufferers are unhappy with their current level of first line medical treatment.

Nirvana® Breathing Fitness represents a complimentary and holistic approach that when used in conjunction with traditional medication empowers patients to reclaim control over their health and their lives.

In addition to a reduction in asthmatic symptoms, students have claimed other amazing health benefits too such as weight loss, increase in muscular tone and a deep sense of relaxation like they have never experienced before.

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