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Brain waves and altering your state of mind - Nirvana makes it so easy for you

01. 08. 2022 - By Nirvana Fitness
Understanding human consciousness

Over centuries of medical and scientific discovery, mankind has been fascinated and perplexed by our favorite subject in the Universe, ourselves. While there have been many great minds to come forward and dedicate themselves to understanding human consciousness, there is still much to learn. Many of the ancient wisdom traditions of the world also sought to understand and explain consciousness, but by various different esoteric means and teachings. In modern times, when science is so highly valued, our society is discovering consciousness through the material realm by looking deeper into the brain and its inner workings. It is through this scientific approach that we have discovered the bio-electrical waves and patterns of energy flowing through the brain.


Brain waves are produced by synchronized electrical pulses from masses of neurons communicating with each other. Whenever we are having conscious experience, there are corresponding brain waves. So every mood, feeling, thought, sensation, etc. will carry verifiable and observable wave patterns. We are able to do this by using EEG machines and collecting data that arise in test subjects. There’s a lot more to this process, but the main take away is that when a person feels, scientists are able to see and measure that feeling. What has been discovered is that the brain shows 5 main categories. There are Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta waves occurring within the brain at any given time, with Gamma rays being the fastest oscillation of energy and Delta being the slowest. The important result of this research is that humanity can now form advanced techniques and practices that manipulate these mind states. Within each of the 5 categories we have correlated experiences and now we have the ability to cultivate the most desirable outcomes by producing specific brainwaves.

The state of flow

One such desirable mind state is that of Flow. Flow state is characterized as when our consciousness is reaching its maximum efficiency. Flow State is thought to be within a border zone between our Alpha and Theta brain waves. The benefits of being within this area of consciousness are super conductivity of thoughts and awareness, optimized body function, and ease of access between the waking conscious mind and the subconscious mind. We are often able to ‘fall into’ this state of mind, while engaging in intense sports, mental activity, or during deep concentration. Flow is the experience that happens when one’s ability is optimally matched with an appropriate activity. There is a sort of stalemate which occurs between the person’s consciousness and the activity that they are engaged in, which gives the experience of blissfully and effortlessly accomplishing one’s goals. It’s as if the activity and the conscious effort of the individual become one and compliment each other in their fulfillment. This has been compared to when athletes are ‘in the zone’ and able to do amazing things that they themselves may not understand. The Flow is what happens when a musician syncs in with a piece of music and is pulled into the ecstasy of their own playing. This Flow occurs for everyone at some point or another, usually by accident or as an unrecognized occurrence. However, now you can add more Flow to your life deliberately and purposefully!

Nirvana and the state of flow

Nirvana Body and Mind System provides a workout program and other activities that will naturally bring you to a state of Flow. Learn how science, movement, breathing to music and mindfulness intentions can benefit you, giving you greater access to your peak performance levels and best mental abilities. Nirvana makes it all so simple for you, all that is required is that you put in the effort. The awesome thing is that even this has been made easy through the NirvanaFitness program. Nirvana makes applying this science to your life fun and desirable with music, movement, and feel-good activity to get your blood pumping and your brain waves revved up. Through tested and proven techniques, Nirvana can make accessing your Flow states natural and a regular part of your life.

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