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I feel grateful

28. 11. 2019 - By Nirvana Fitness
In Nirvana and Flow, gratitude is an important imperative bringing us closer to the optimal state, to living with full potential. Gratitude should be practiced constantly but maybe on a day like Thanksgiving that is all about this, we can pay a special tribute to the feeling of gratitude itself.

What is innate to all human beings is that we are all under the influence of hedonic adaptation ... no matter how good something makes us feel, we drift back to where we started. Despite their initial euphoria, lottery winners are no happier than non-winners eighteen months later. After repeated stimulus we become accustomed to it and it doesn’t attract or satisfy us in the same way as it used to, quickly leading us to the path where we start taking things for granted. It is up to us to realize that it is in our power to change this perception and act accordingly. Without inner built attitude to gratitude we will always end up de-valuing things, events and relationships including our own life, so, gratitude needs to be practiced.

Gratitude is more than feeling thankful for something, it is more like a deep appreciation. Canceling the effect of taking things for granted, this feeling can be experienced instantly. Be grateful for the simple things, go back to feeling gratitude for your breath, your body, your mind, aligning yourself with the flow, back to this moment - Tuki.

Gratitude strengthens relationships, improves health, reduces stress, and in general, makes us happier.


You have everything you need to find happiness, contentment, and joy within.There is infinite capacity within you. Infinite capacity for awareness, and gratitude...

Photo credits: Lisa Peck and Jyothika Dwarakanath 

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