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Nirvana® Cloud#7 Breathing Re-training app

04. 10. 2017 - By Nirvana Fitness
You take 23,000 breaths per day. Are you breathing correctly?

If you are looking to get the most out of your life then the Nirvana Cloud#7 application is one of this year’s must-have tools.

Nirvana® Breathing Fitness is an innovative approach to health & wellness that combines ancient wisdom with cutting edge science. By fusing elements of yoga, mindfulness and breath-work and audio therapy into a seamless package, the app guides users to newfound levels of peace, tranquility and contentment. Welcome to the breathing fitness revolution!

Who is it for?
Having been used by a very diverse group of people ranging from high level athletes and executives to ill-patients suffering from a chronic disease, the benefits of the app speak for themselves. A few of the groups who benefit from Nirvana® Breathing Fitness are

What Can I learn?
Available on both android and iOS, the app provides you with a free 8 week training program that has been designed by a team of leading exercise scientists, breathing specialists and sound professionals.

The free course gives you real flavor of the ground-breaking Nirvana® Breathing Fitness revolution. Throughout the free course, you will learn the fundamentals of Nirvana® Breathing Fitness.

A few of the things you will learn are:
- How to use your breath to positively influence your physiology
- How to optimize your blood chemistry for total relaxation, focus & calm
- How to become resilient to stress and adversity
- How the breath can be used to manage a current medical condition
- How the combination of breath and movement can help you control your body weight
- How to progressively reduce excess stress and worry from your life
- How to get more out of your life by living in a state of Tuki

No matter what stage of life you are at, if you want to feel better, move better and breathe better the Nirvana Cloud#7 app can help you achieve new levels of performance and well-being.

You have the power to change your life. Let Nirvana® Breathing Fitness show you how.

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