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Nirvana® Cork Mat with Seven Intentions

18. 04. 2019 - By Nirvana Fitness
Did you know working out on a cork mat is much better? You might be wondering why … Here are 6 reasons why the Nirvana® Cork Mat with Seven Intentions should be your best friend for workout time.

1. Cork is good for your health and for the environment

Working out on a regular gym mat, made of PVC or similar material, you are in constant contact with harmful chemicals and toxins. Cork is a natural material, and therefore using a cork mat to work out is safe for your health and for the planet … Always a plus!

On top of that, cork is biodegradable, recyclable and renewable. Its harvest from the cork oak trees is not harming the trees, trees are not cut down to produce cork. On the contrary, by regrowing their bark, the cork oak trees absorb up to 3 times more CO2 from the air. A good way to fight global warming ... A green choice for both you and our planet!

2. Cork is Antimicrobial

No smell, no bacteria… Cork is naturally antimicrobial, killing germs and bacteria and preventing bad smells to appear! Always nicer to breathe fresh air instead of old socks while working out :-)

3. Cork has a great-grip

Even when sweating, your cork mat will never get slippery, on the contrary, it will always keep a strong grip and the rubber bottom will ensure your mat doesn’t move on the floor during your workout. And with 185cm long, you will have plenty of space to always work ON your mat! Combine these elements and it will lead to a comfortable workout and perfect moves!

4. Cork is light

The Nirvana® cork mat is light and thin but still very comfortable to work on. With only 5mm of thickness and barely 2.3kg, Nirvana’s mat is compact and easy to transport (especially thanks to its carrying straps).

5. Cork is beautiful

Natural, peaceful color … The Nirvana cork mat is the trendy accessory you need to perfect your relaxation. Its soothing look will guide you to calm down, becoming an active part of your workout. The Seven Intentions will remind you what’s important, helping you relax, feel good, and flow!

6. Cork is magical

You got it, cork is an exceptional material and a no-brainer when choosing a mat to workout. But we haven’t said it all, cork is also water-resistant, dust-resistant, anti-static, insect-repellent! Basically, cork is a superhero!

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