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Nirvana® Seven Intentions Wear – Clothing for Body and Mind

10. 10. 2017 - By Nirvana Fitness
Nirvana is a whole-body experience, designed to help you get the most out of your exercise program and your daily life. It’s not just a workout, it’s a lifestyle. In keeping with that theme, we worked closely with expert fitness clothing manufacturers to bring you the ultimate in fitness fashion that extends the Nirvana way of life to your clothing.

With many flattering and functional ranges to choose from, including menswear, you can mix and match to your heart’s desire.

Each of the Nirvana® Seven Fashion ranges reflects a different Nirvana intention, and all of them are designed with 4-way stretch for the perfect fit and most comfortable movement. Each item will enhance and support your Nirvana practice.

All of our garments are made of breathable fabric; just as your breathing is so important, when your clothes can breathe your body is comfortable, and you can focus entirely on the movement of your body and breath.

They are UV resistant and thermo-regulating. Whatever the weather you can practice indoors or outdoors, safe in the knowledge that your clothing is adapting to your temperature and protecting your delicate skin from the harmful UV rays.

Stay cool, dry and confident at all time with our odor repellent, antifungal and moisture-wicking fabric that keeps your skin dry and makes you feel more comfortable when you’re active.

This collection is where it all begins. #IAMBREATHING has the complete Nirvana mission statement written on it to remind you again and again to appreciate each single breath. We all breathe the same air, so let’s breathe together and be tuki.

This collection embodies simplicity and minimalism to encourage you to be tuki. #IAMTUKI is designed in the original Nirvana color to symbolize the simplicity. Be in the present in the current moment, not in the past or the future.

The #IFEELLOVE collection is designed to celebrate love in all its forms. With an attractive purple-toned design incorporating flower symbols it lets you wear your heart on your sleeve.

The most unique collection, #IAMGRATEFUL is the central point of our philosophy and is designed in a beautiful golden tone to reflect the golden energy that gratitude brings.

Make a statement in the strong, unapologetic pattern of #IAMPOWERFUL that speaks for itself. Celebrate and enhance your personal power in your daily Nirvana practice with this bold design.

Awaken your playful side with the lighter patterns and tones of #IFEELJOY. It embodies simple joys - life, each other, possibilities that lie before us. Tap into your inner joy with this range.

The almost white tone of #IFEELPEACE enhances the delicate pattern that reflects the lightness of being, and the calmness you feel in the final Nirvana stages. Transfer that peace to all aspects of your life when you wear this collection.

The men’s #IAMBREATHING collection is made up of shorts, t-shirt, and hoodie in either brown or silver. These comfortable, yet powerful pieces of clothing have the Nirvana mission statement printed on them to keep you focused. Just breathe.

These collections embody the Nirvana spirit, helping you feel what you wear and bringing you a step closer to Nirvana. Functional, fun, and designed with you in mind our clothing range helps you to feel special every day.

Each women’s design collection consists of a matching top, t-shirt and hoodie, plus leggings, neck warmer and ankle warmers so that you are ready for every season. Every practical and stylish piece has been rigorously tested for comfort, style, and quality.

Plus, with our effective international shipping, you can enjoy the benefits of the Nirvana clothing range anywhere in the world, hassle-free.

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