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The role of the breath in the development of cancer

04. 02. 2020 - By Nirvana Fitness

The human body is an incredibly complex machine. It is comprised of thirteen main systems, all of which rely on the oxygen for their function. Many medical experts agree that a large amount of the health problems, diseases and suffering that we face are cause, at their root by a lack of oxygen at a cellular level.

One prime suspect in the development of cancer is that the cells within the body are not sufficiently supplied with oxygen. Cell hypoxia, i.e. a lack of oxygen, causes the cells to malfunction and start to replicate at an abnormally high rate, to the eventual detriment of the tissue, organ or system.

Cancer is a devastating illness. A diagnosis can inflict untold pain on the patient and on their friends and family. In order to do our best to prevent the abnormal division of cells, we must ensure the optimal level of oxygen is maintained within our cells at all times.

The breath is a central component of the NirvanaFitness® system. This is because when performed correctly with the help of an expert instructor, the NirvanaFitness® System has the power to regulate the concentration of oxygen in our blood and in our cells. Through its progressive exercises, the practitioner learns to normalize their breathing patterns and tap into their bodies innate healing mechanisms.

The NirvanaFitness® System is the perfect antidote to the stresses of modern life that contribute to our maladaptive breathing mechanics and our chronic sympathetic nervous system activity.

With each practice, you will discover the power of the breath and train your body to enter into its natural regenerative state ensuring that you optimize your cells oxygen concentration and minimize your risk of developing cancer.

Joining a Nirvana® class is one of the solutions you have, and our locator can guide you for this mission, but if you don't find anything close to your place, you can just use the free Cloud#7 app from Nirvana®, that will give you plenty of different breathing exercises.

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